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Thanks to everyone who filled out the poll and left comments on last Thursday’s post. I’ve read through all the comments, even if I haven’t responded to them all. There are some interesting ideas in there you will definitely see me do! It’s good to know what people feel they’re missing. It’s all just for a bit of interest; I don’t plan on majorly overhauling my captions.

That said, there were requests for more FtM and FtF and animal to human. You don’t see those very much on any sites so I’ll keep that in mind in the future.

Here are the results for the switch question:

I realized belatedly I’d left out a sizable chunk of other captions I do that don’t fit into those categories, like body part swaps and role exchanger and possessions where the host is basically asleep. I’m not a pollster! Ah well, next time.

Of the ones in the list, unsurprisingly (given the name of the website), body swaps are a favorite closely followed by possessions where they don’t know they’re being possessed. I like those, too, and they’re relatively new for me.

On to the relationships:

Definite lean to swaps among family members. I’m a fan as well but I’ll try not to overdo them because I know not everyone enjoys them. Interestingly, strangers was number 2. I think I lean boyfriend/girlfriend and wives/husband because of the thrill of being in a body you enjoyed from the other side and your knowledge of the person you are now. Friends was missing from the categories, so maybe that would have skewed the results.

Read into it what you want. I just thought it was interesting to learn more about y’all.


  1. I don’t think I’ll ever understand people liking Parent/Child swaps but to each their own, I do enjoy sibling swaps though, I generally prefer MtF but FtF, FtM, and MtM can be good too.

  2. F2F &F2M are underutilized and would be interested to see. But variety is also important. Don’t let a single poll change your whole method. I recommend experimenting with all sorts of different captions and see what people think of them after they have seen your style in creating them. It would also be a way to get feed back from fans of the different types of swaps.

  3. I think you’re right with the FTF, FTM stuff and any of the other things you don’t normally see. Wouldn’t let this little poll influence you too much. I don’t like those things particularly, but sometimes there’ll be something new you’ve not seen before that you like and that’s really fun to find. For example I’d never thought about the posession without knowingly being posessed before, but now I like the idea just as much. I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason it’s popular here is just because it’s a relatively theme to explore for people. The role exchanger stuff too is really good and don’t see much of that elsewhere.

  4. I had assumed that the possessions where the person thinks the actions were their own was the same as the possessions were the host is basically asleep. Those are definitely my favorite since it puts the host basically out of the picture so the possessor can explore and experience their stolen body in peace without interference.

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