"Shit, you're good," James moaned as Elliot - stuck in the body of the gorgeous teaching assistant - sucked his cock.
Elliot wanted to tell James to fuck off and change him back. But his body craved cock. He had James and his friend in each hand and went back and forth between them, greedily sucking the thick cocks, stuffing them deep into his mouth and running his tongue along the underside of each shaft. They felt perfect in his mouth, and the tangy taste was divine. He'd cum twice already just from sucking their dicks. It didn't hurt that his little ass was in the air and James's friend was fingering his sopping wet pussy.
James had barged into Elliot's room, pointed a ring at him and transformed him into the TA they all lusted after. He'd ordered Elliot to suck their cocks, and when Elliot balked James just used his ring again to make Elliot voracious for cock. 
Elliot needed to find a way to get that magic ring off James so he could change himself back. But it was hard to think when he was feeling so good and all he wanted was to give James a blowjob. His pussy was dripping and soon James exploded into his mouth. Elliot sucked him down, devouring every drop before doing the same to James's friend. Elliot found himself disappointed when they were both finished. He needed something in his hands, something in his mouth. Fuck the ring, he needed more dick and he would do whatever it took to get some.

A rich, arrogant man is forcibly swapped into the body of a poor Afghan woman in First World Problems, available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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