I can’t fight this feeling

If it's weird for me at first, kissing my son's girlfriend, it must be even weirder for my wife kissing herself. I feel her hand come up to trace the curve of my ass and I move in for a deeper kiss, my hands coming up to caress her neck. She opens her mouth for me and I slip my tongue inside, tasting her for the first time in this body.
Our next door neighbor is a scientist and last week had been running some sort of experiment on the same night our son brought his girlfriend to dinner. The lights had flickered and then suddenly I'd found myself on the other side of the kitchen, an apron around my front that hid the swell of a womanly figure.
My wife was in the body of our son's girlfriend. I was in my wife's body. Our son's girlfriend was me, and my son and daughter switched bodies. The whole family was mixed up and panicking. Eventually the scientist came over and explained what happened. The explanation was a little more believable coming as it did from the busty blonde mom from down the street who'd never struck me as all that smart but was now explaining scientific theories that I couldn't grasp.
Now, two weeks later and with no sign of swapping back I can't fight this feeling any more. I hadn't been touched in two weeks and was so horny. What is surprising is my wife kissing me back, stroking me, before we both slowly undress each other. I slip between her legs, using her own tongue to tease her delightful new body into a roaring orgasm. Her knees clap around my head and I shudder, climaxing with her as I taste her delicious pussy. It tastes even better from within my wife's body, and when the first orgasm passes we're both ready for more.

A rich, arrogant man is forcibly swapped into the body of a poor Afghan woman in First World Problems, available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


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