You’ve got a daughter?

"I should get going," Kendra said, one leg splayed carelessly across Thomas's groin as she caressed his solid chest. "My daughter's going to get worried."
"You've got a daughter?" Thomas asked.
"Oh, no," Kendra giggled, shaking her head and trying to play it away. "I meant, my mother's going to get worried."
"Let her worry a little bit more," Thomas said, nuzzling into her neck.
Kendra sighed as her body began warming again. They'd had so much fun last night. It was definitely worth it for Kendra to steal her daughter's body, swapping their bodies and then going out to enjoy her second youth. She'd left her daughter alone to stew but, fuck it, Kendra deserved a break, too. She'd lost the best years of her life raising her daughter so the least her daughter could do was let Kendra borrow her body once in a while.
Kendra felt Thomas stirring beneath her leg as he continued nuzzling her neck, his lips moving closer to hers until they connected. Kendra's body was bursting with heat and desire. She wriggled on the bed, needing Thomas's touch as his hands came up to explore her heavy young breasts. God, her daughter's body was so responsive, so impossible to ignore.
	Thomas helped Kendra out of her dress and tossed it to the floor. Then he slid down between her legs and kissed his way across her opening. Kendra took a heavy tit in one hand, fingers splayed across her bouncing skin. She squeezed herself, staring down her daughter's body as Thomas delighted in licking her.
	His tongue landed on her clit, the tip making zig zags across her pleasure. Kendra wiggled and moaned, her body alive with heat. God, she was already dripping wet. Thomas feasted on her, bringing her to orgasm twice with just his tongue and fingers, until Kendra begged to be fucked.
	He crawled up her body and slid inside, sheathing himself to the hilt. She pulled his lips to hers, delighting in the taste of her nubile young body as she began to crest a third time.
	Later she would clean herself off and stop at the pharmacy for a morning-after pill. For all the warning to her daughter of practicing safe sex, when the moment came for Kendra she'd totally blown it off.
	But for now, she lay back and had her mind blown as her body writhed with pleasure. Her daughter's moans escaped from her lips, growing higher in pitch until she came, Thomas pounding in to her, filling her with the heat her body desperately craved.

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