I can’t fight this feeling – The scientist

Part 1 is here.

I power up the machine. The hum from the Oxcard-Cooley engine tells me it's working. I stroke my beard as I watch the readout on the small screen, checking to make sure all the measurements are in line with parameters. Everything is within tolerance so I slide the helmet on to my head and settle myself down in the chair by the desk. 
With a flick of the switch I should be able to read the wavelengths of the human mind. I think I might be flooded with thoughts from the family next door and I grab the edge of the helmet, prepared to tear it off if the input is too much. I flick the switch. There's a series of beeping noises and then a flash.
Suddenly, I'm standing up in a stranger's bedroom being groped from behind. Someone's kissing my neck, there's a hand jammed down my underwear and another on my...breasts?!
I gasp and turn my head, feel silky hair whisper across my face. The man behind me takes my noises as an invitation to keep doing what he's doing. I grab his hand with mine, feel the weight of my breast even beneath his hand. And now I'm aware that my body is nearly naked and his fingers are stroking my new sex. I can feel him inside me, can feel the lips of my pussy, already growing slick and parting for him. My new body is already filled with desire and a growing need for the release of the welcome tension his fingers are growing inside me.
Clearly, something has gone wrong with the machine. But, just as clearly, this is an opportunity for experimentation of an entirely different kind.

A rich, arrogant man is forcibly swapped into the body of a poor Afghan woman in First World Problems, available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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