Culture Shock (Preview)

An American college student swaps bodies with a Chinese MILF in Culture Shock, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold.

Kevin’s budding relationship with Grace is threatened by her mom, Fen. Fen is a first generation Chinese immigrant who doesn’t think Kevin is good enough for her daughter. After an accidental wish, Fen’s ancestors intervene and swap the bodies of Kevin and Fen to help them understand each other.

Kevin wakes up in the body of a beautiful Chinese mom with a limited grasp of English and a life totally unlike the one he used to have. As he fumbles through his day he can’t help but take time to explore his new body.

When he meets up with his old body with Fen inside, she promises to swap them back as long as he makes a good impression on the date she had set up for that night. John’s problem is that the longer he’s in Fen’s body the more their thoughts and desires merge, until it’s John who wants to impress his date…in a very nontraditional way.

This 10,000+ word story contains male and female body swaps and explicit solo and hetero scenes.

Kevin was aware that his last words had gone awry somehow. He’d meant to talk himself up and offer support for Grace to date him but somehow it had made sense to argue the opposite.

“I’m not neglecting my studies,” Grace said, biting into a piece of toast. “I can study and have a social life. Lots of people do.”

“Lots of people start doing drugs and drop out, too.” Kevin replied before he could stop himself. He tried to back peddle: “I’m not saying that boy is a drug dealer—”

“Kevin, mom. His name is Kevin.”

“Kevin,” Kevin repeated, his mouth struggling to pronounce it in the American way. “He’s not bad but he may be bad for you.”

Grace rolled her eyes and Kevin felt a quiver of anger run through him. He tightened his lips at Grace’s disrespect but refrained from replying, unsure what argument would come from his mouth.

“I’ve got to go to class,” Grace said. She still had a piece of toast in one hand as she shrugged her backpack up her shoulder with the other. “We’ll talk about this later.”

“Have a good day.”

Grace paused in the doorway and gave him a questioning glance, then turned and left. The door shut behind her and Kevin felt the tension melt from his shoulders. His mind seemed a mishmash of both his thoughts and Fen’s. Why had he been arguing against his own relationship? Hell, if he couldn’t call himself maybe he could go over to his dorm and confront Fen in person. If she was responsible for this maybe she could swap them back.

He tried to think of when his classes were and where his dorm was, but he couldn’t remember. So he took a step back and tried to think over his path through the streets to get from Grace’s house back to his dorm. His memory of the immediate neighborhood was clear but beyond that it grew hazy. He could barely remember what his dorm looked like.

His memory of the immediate neighborhood was also different. He had crystal clear memories of going into some of the local shops even though he was mostly sure that he’d never actually been in any of them. Clearly, then, these were Fen’s memories. Though he still had enough of his own memories to know these were Fen’s memories. It was all very frustrating.

He stomped back through the house to Fen’s room and sat heavily on the bed, dropping his head into his hands. His fingers slipped up against unfamiliar long hair, and his palm pressed against a cool forehead that was the wrong shape. The robe had fallen open slightly, allowing him a glimpse down into his cleavage. Most of one breast was visible and the gentle curve drew his eye. She did have a nice body. And he was all alone with nothing to do. Fen would never know and, besides, it was sort of like compensation for being put in this position.

Kevin slid a hand beneath the opening of the robe and gently cupped his breast. It was surprisingly solid and had a welcome give. He lightly squeezed it, exploring the soft weight. He ran his fingers over the circumference, gently skimming across the little nipple. Untying the robe, he slipped it off his shoulders and let it fall to the bed. He stared down at the bare breasts hanging from his chest. They were slightly flat, a tiny brown nipple capping each one. They swung when he shifted from side to side.

Now he cupped both of them, fingers spreading apart to cover them entirely. He pressed them up against his body, watched them bulge out slightly around his fingers. He did this a few times, awed by the sight of Fen’s fingers stroking her own tits, by the feel of these tits. They were surprisingly nice to touch and hold. Kevin had only touched real breasts a handful of times in his life. To have a pair in front of him – able to do whatever he liked with them – sent a little shiver of excitement through him.

He stood and untied his pants then pushed them down around his plumper butt and let them drop to the floor. His dangling breasts knocked against his arm as he bent down. When he stood up again he was naked, Fen’s motherly figure stretched out beneath him. She was slender with a slight pouch of a stomach. Below the stomach was Fen’s mound, and below that was a dark triangle of black hair.

Kevin stepped in front of the mirror to ogle Fen’s naked body. He’d never seen a smile on Fen’s face before, but his reflection was smiling now as he turned this way and that, his eyes skimming down his body, over his wider hips and butt. He could imagine that Grace had a figure like this but tauter, younger. Fen’s body was slightly plumper and softer than her daughter but pleasing to look at and touch. Kevin lightly smacked his little bubble butt and watched it jiggle. He grabbed a handful of his new ass, enjoying the sight of his fingers dimpling the skin. Kevin gave Fen’s ass a light smack, thoroughly enjoying punishing his girlfriend’s mom.

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  1. Hey man, great book, just to let you know, in your book descriptions here and in Smashwords, you change the character’s name from Kevin to John!

    1. Ah, the problems with a last minute name change! Thanks for the heads up. It’s fixed now and changes should flow through to the stores in a day or two.

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