One last goodbye

Miles was pleasantly surprised when he heard the news that his soon-to-be-ex wife, Jennifer, had agreed to give him everything in the divorce. Up until then it had been a vicious battle but she had apparently given up. She showed up at his door the day after the divorce was finalized. She was wearing a skimpy dress and heels, and was much friendlier than she'd been in a long time.
Miles still loved her body and she'd always been amazing in bed. Crazy sex was the best sex for him. He was in a victorious mood and his guard was down and Michelle looked so damn good that he couldn't resist when she pulled him into bed for, as she called it, "one last goodbye fuck".
He took his time with her, running his hands along her skin and burying his face in her pussy as she clutched him and cried out in orgasm. He flipped her over and grabbed her beautiful plump ass, lining up his cockhead against her wet entrance. She mumbled something then and he was about to ask her what she said when the world jumped.
Suddenly, he was lying on his stomach in bed as someone knelt above him. Something warm and hard pressed up against his groin. He was pinned to the bed but he twisted around and looked up to see his own face grinning at him. Miles's mouth dropped open and he cried out in Michelle's voice just as he felt his own cock slide inside him. The lips of his pussy parted and the warm girth thrust inside him. Miles squirmed but that only made his old body laugh as he thrust in deep. And then Miles felt him throb inside his body, felt the hot spurt of cum filling his new pussy.
When his body was done, it pulled out of him and grinned down. "Well, that was nice, Miles. No wonder you enjoyed fucking me."
"M-Michelle?" Miles stammered. He rolled over to face his old body. As he moved, Michelle's heavy breasts bobbed down his chest. Warm cum leaked out of him and trickled down his thigh.
"Not anymore," his old body laughed. "You're the crazy bitch now. Get out of my house."
She threw his clothes at him and hustled him out the door, her body easily overpowering him. He ended up on the front steps naked and clutching his clothes to his body. She really had taken everything in the divorce.

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  1. I have a ironic feeling about divorce because I was made from it,but my faith is against divorce. Now taking what is not yours is wrong, and from the human view point the more you take the more wrong it is no sugar coating .

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