Cooper leaned forward on his chair, letting Kate's breasts hang down his chest, the top slipping to reveal a little more of his amazing cleavage.
"Maybe we don't try to fix it," Cooper suggested.
His friend, Ben, stopped typing and looked over at him. Cooper watched Ben's eyes glance down to Kate's cleavage then back up to meet his eyes.
"You mean...leave you like this?" Ben asked.
Cooper smiled. "Yeah. Kate will never know. We'll just tell her we can't fix the machine."
Ben pushed his glasses up his nose and folded his arms before sitting back in his chair and appraising Jordan. "You like being a girl?"
"It's fucking awesome," Jordan said, sweeping his fine hair back behind a tiny ear. "I'm so horny for this body and I can grab these tits anytime I want." He emphasized this point by grabbing his breasts. "I'm constantly wet for myself."
"Like, right now?"
"Jesus, yes," Jordan agreed, slowly grinding his groin against his fists.
"Can I see?"
Jordan grinned. "You can do more than that. I don't know if this tight little pussy has ever been fucked. Want to give it a go?"
Ben did. A lot.
They both enjoyed Kate's body, and the workshop rang with Jordan's cries of ecstasy. When it was over, they both agreed the machine was unfixable.

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