Third wish

Jon was waiting on the kitchen counter when his girlfriend came through the door. Jon smiled over at her. His legs were crossed, his dress sliding up his bare thighs so that he could feel the cool counter beneath him. Jon hadn't bothered to wear panties or a bra. He knew how much this look would drive his girlfriend wild. After all, she thought she'd always been him.
Jon had found a genie and used a wish to swap bodies with his girlfriend, Michelle. He loved it but she freaked out, so he used his second wish to make her believe she'd always been in his body. Jon still hadn't made his third wish. He was having so much fun with his first two.
Jon knew what turned Michelle on and he was as horny as she was. The old Michelle was only sporadically interested in sex. The new Michelle craved it. Shit, he was practically dripping on the counter just waiting for his body to come near.
Jon had fantasized about his girlfriend being ready and waiting for him in his favorite dress when he came home, so he knew Michelle would have the same fantasy. She crossed the room and took him in her arms. She was already hard as she kissed him, and he reached down to stroke his former cock.
Jon spread his legs and guided Michelle's male fingers down to his waiting pussy. She would get her pleasure but first, he would get his.

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