Spring break

Request: Spring break was coming up and Jacob wanted to visit his mother and sister for the week but what Jacob didn’t know was that for nearly a month, his mother and sister were hopped by two hobos enjoying each other’s new bodies and embracing a lesbian relationship with one another.

“Hey mom, I’m– oh god!” Jacob froze in the door of the kitchen.
He’d wanted to surprise his family by coming home for spring break and he apparently did. His mom lay stretched out on her back on the kitchen counter as his sister hovered over her in reverse. His mom was licking his sister’s pink pussy, two her fingers sliding gently in and out of his sister’s asshole. His sister’s face was between his mom’s legs. The lewd sounds of their sex and their twin moans filled the air.
“What the fuck?” Jacob cried.
His mom turned her head to look at him, her chin glazed with his sister’s juices. “Hey, buddy, you can watch but it will cost you.”
She winked and returned to eating out her daughter’s pussy. The two moaned and writhed on the counter as the orgasm built within them.
Jacob had no idea that two homeless guys had swapped bodies with his mom and sister. They couldn’t believe their luck to find themselves in such a spacious home and in two such gorgeous bodies. They’d spent the past weekend in a lesbian relationship, eating each other out and fucking in every room in the house. There was no dad to get in the way, either, and their two former bodies (with Jacob’s mom and sister inside) were eventually arrested for trespassing, leaving the two guys to have uninterrupted fun until Jacob came home.

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  1. Oh! I absolutely love dark ones like these. You should have leaned a bit more into more trashy and tempting dialogs from the hoopers in sis and mom body.

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