Grinding Halt (MtF Possession)

I’ve used my body hopping powers to take over a sexy young field hockey player and have the time of her life, exploring her sensual body both by myself and with some help in Grinding Halt, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon.

I haven’t had much opportunity lately to hop bodies and escape my boring life since I’ve been working from home. But on a commute by train one day I catch sight of a stunning athlete and immediately know I have to have her.

Once I’m inside her body I’m delighted to discover her power and control. Moving in her body is a dream, and touching myself with her hands is a delight.

I’m going to give my temporary body a try out on the field. And then I’m going to spend the rest of the weekend in hedonistic indulgence.

The screeching of brakes echoed through the train as it came to an abrupt halt in the bustling station. My hand shot up to grab the nearest railing to stop myself from smashing into the businessman in the seat next to me. When everything had stilled and there were no blaring sirens or flashing lights I let out an exasperated sigh. Just one stop away from finally escaping the monotony of post-pandemic commuting and heading back to the comfort of my home. The journey had become a tiresome routine, a daily battle against time, delays, and the unpredictable quirks of the city’s transit system. I was ready for the weekend.

The pandemic had reshaped the way we lived and worked, but the idea of remote work for everyone had remained elusive. As I looked around the crowded train, I couldn’t help but wonder why we were all still subjecting ourselves to this frustrating ordeal. The allure of home offices and flexible schedules seemed far more enticing than these jam-packed train cars and endless traffic jams.

Yet, as I contemplated the remote work dream, I couldn’t ignore the fact that such remote work would keep me from my true passion. A secret power I had harbored for years: body hopping. The thrill of inhabiting different lives, experiencing new perspectives, and exploring unknown corners of existence had captivated me since before I’d even learned of my ability. Nowadays, I often took the time to step out of my ordinary dull life and possess someone else.

While my peers were drinking or going to the same old parties, I was out exploring the lives of others. Possessing them for a night or a weekend or even a few weeks. I could pull their memories from their semi-sleeping minds and literally live in someone else’s shoes. As a consequence, I was a twenty-six-year old accountant with not much of a life of my own. No family to speak of. No close friends. So bland-looking you couldn’t pick me out of a crowd. My life was basically the epitome of boring, except for my habit, which bordered on an addiction. So when my office reopened I returned, the undeniable appeal of working from home ultimately losing out to my desire to go back on the hunt for new lives to experience.

An announcement crackled over the intercom informing us of an incident ahead. Another train, heading in the opposite direction, had collided with debris left carelessly on the tracks. We were instructed to disembark and navigate the chaos. An attendant opened the doors and the crowd slowly shuffled out onto the nearby platform.

As passengers filtered around the station in a daze, calling their loved ones and arranging alternate rides, my gaze was drawn to a striking figure standing amidst the commotion. A blonde woman, her features a symphony of strength and beauty, stood out from the crowd. She wore a tight light blue spaghetti strap cami-dress that accentuated her athletic frame, confidently defying convention by forgoing a bra. Her white tennis shoes seemed to complete the casual yet captivating ensemble. She filled the dress out wonderfully, the fabric clinging to her deep cleavage and her toned buttocks. With a suitcase and a duffel bag by her side, she exuded an air of determination. Her annoyance was palpable as she shook her head and tapped through her phone.

While most people frantically began arranging alternative rides or grumbling about the delay, my curiosity was piqued by this alluring stranger. Where was she off to? What did she do? And, most importantly, what would it feel like to be inside her body? She was just my type. That svelte, athletic frame and the wonderful figure was too tempting to pass up.

After a few moments she slipped her phone back into her purse and then began struggling her bags down the station steps, flowing with the crowd out towards street level. I followed along behind her, focusing on her jiggling blonde ponytail.

It was both harder and easier to hop within a crowd. Easier because individuals tended to blend together in a group, so that no one person was the focus and I could slip away undetected. Harder in that there was always a chance that someone would happen to look my way just as I disappeared. Fortunately for me, there was a bend in the stairs in front of me and a slow old woman behind me, creating a break in the crowd.

The blonde rounded the corner and I was quick on her heels, hopping just as I turned the corner. For a split second I was formless, just energy flowing through space. Then the world popped back into existence, only now I was behind the blonde’s eyes. I was practiced at hopping and so didn’t miss a step on my new legs as I continued down the stairs, even as I luxuriated in all the strange sensations of my newest conquest.

This new body jiggled in wonderful ways, breasts bouncing at each step, nipples sliding against the fabric of my shirt and making me tingly. My steps were solid and sure. I moved with confidence, my long, lean legs striding down the steps as I shifted the heavy duffel bag on my shoulder.

There were no shouts of alarm or gasps, which told me that I had hopped undetected. When I reached the street I joined the line of other passengers awaiting their own rides. I slid open this body’s phone, keeping an eye on the Lyft driver’s location as I perused my new life through her emails and messages and browser history.

I was now Ashley. Twenty-four years old and just recently hired as a Civil Engineer for a building construction company. So…pretty, athletic and smart. My favorite trifecta. What’s more, she was heading off for a field hockey tournament with her rec league. That meant I would get to try out her stamina in many different ways.

When my ride pulled up I hefted my bags into the trunk and slid into the back seat. As the driver set off he started trying to chat me up. In the rearview mirror I saw his eyes dart back to me. I mean, I couldn’t blame him. He looked to be about Ashley’s age, and Ashley was hot.

“The Graduate Hotel, huh? What’s the occasion?” He asked, his dark eyes catching mine.

“Field hockey tournament,” I replied, enjoying my silky smooth voice.

“That’s cool. I used to play basketball.”

“Oh, yeah?” I said, leaning forward.

We flirted. Me tossing my hair back occasionally and batting my eyes at him. He was glancing back at me so often it was a wonder we stayed on the road. He had gorgeous eyes and a rich baritone voice. His name was Antoine and he was just doing this gig for some extra cash while he finished up his Master’s degree in anthropology. Maybe a good ride on Antoine was just what Ashley needed. But later. I wanted her to myself first.

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