Everything he’d dreamed of doing

Ash wiggled down in the chair and raised Candace’s legs in the air. She had the most perfect legs and he ran his hands up and down them, enjoying the solid calves, the smooth thighs. Her blonde hair tickled his neck as he moved her delightful body.
Spreading his legs, Ash gazed down at Candace’s beautiful pussy. She was totally smooth, and her silky red pussy lips were already glistening. He let one hand run down a leg until it rested on his pussy. He followed the line of Candace’s slit up and down, sinking in slowly, luxuriating in the feel of his digit surrounded by her heat. He was wet already and he gathered his moisture on his fingers and lifted it to his lips.
He sucked on his finger, closing his eyes and moaning as Candace’s musky taste filled his mouth. God, he’d wanted to taste her pussy for so long. He dipped his hand back between her legs and stroked as his body warmed and grew restless with need.
Ash had had a crush on Candace for awhile and had been planning to steal her body. The opportunity presented itself at a party at her house one night. He’d slipped a swapping powder into her drink and then shared it with her. The world had flipped and suddenly he was in her tiny form, looking up at himself.
He’d calmed her panic and ushered her out of the house to enjoy the rest of her party as her. When at last everyone went home he took to Candace’s room to do everything he’d dreamed of doing.
Candace’s body was so beautiful, so responsive to his touch, and it wasn’t long before he was enjoying her delicious orgasm, cumming hard as he cried out in her sweet voice and shook with pleasure.

I’ve used my body hopping powers to take over a sexy young field hockey player and have the time of her life, exploring her sensual body both by myself and with some help in Grinding Halt, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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