Too caught up

Sarah heard a low moan coming from the bathroom, where her roommate’s boyfriend, Chris, was bathing in her body. She cracked open the door and peered in to find her former body lying in the tub. One hand was on her tits, squeezing the juicy breast, while the other was underwater between her legs. Chris looked like he was having a great time in her body and Sarah opened her mouth to tell him to stop but paused.
The sight of her former body, naked and touching herself, was making her groin feel strange. She felt…tighter and realized with a start that she was getting hard. With her eyes locked onto her former body, she unbuttoned her pants and pulled out Chris’s cock. It was semi-firm and grew harder as she stroked it.
In the tub, Chris was wiggling now, his hand moving faster across his breast, pinching the little nipple. His sighs were growing louder and the water in the tub splashed about as fingered himself faster.
Now Sarah’s cock was at full mast and she ran her fingers up and down the length. There was an urgency within her she’d never experienced before and it pushed her to keep stroking herself as she watched Chris masturbate in her body. Stroking her new dick made her almost as horny as watching her former body, and before she knew it the tension erupted through her.
Her cock throbbed in her hands, spurting burst of creamy seed onto the floor as she grunted softly. Fortunately, Chris was too caught up in his own pleasure to hear her. A few minutes after Sarah closed the door she heard him finish, a feminine cry cut short as she came hard.
Maybe this Great Shift thing wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe next time she could join Chris and show him what her body really enjoyed.

Sebastian, his mind still stuck in Cindy’s body, has found a huge group of other women who are being unknowingly possessed by incels and forced to do the most depraved things, all while believing everything they do is of their own free will in Suddenly Cindy 2, only available on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.

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