Made sure of it

Matthew had been placed into his sister’s body thanks to his friend’s newfound powers and he wasn’t happy about it. Chris assured him it was only temporary. He was still figuring out how his powers worked and when he did he would pull Matthew out of Erin. In the meantime, Matthew and Chris lounged on the couch watching television, Matthew not at all excited to be moving around in his sister’s form.
When Matthew bent over to retrieve the remote, Chris used his new powers. He pointed at Erin’s broad backside. There was a loud rip as the jeans and her panties burst apart, leaving a gaping hole through which Chris could see Erin’s gorgeous pussy.
Matthew’s eyes went wide and he gasped. “What did you do?” He asked, bringing his hand around to feel the rip. His fingers landed on his sister’s pussy and he yanked them away, disgusted.
“I don’t know,” Chris lied. He’d mastered his powers. He was only waiting to convince his friend that they should enjoy his sister while they had her. And then it occurred to him, he could use his powers.
With another zap, Matthew had an urge to return his hand to his sister’s pussy. He sighed as his fingers found his moist opening. He was only too happy to lie back and spread his legs, welcoming his friend inside his warm, wet hole.
Chris slid inside his friend’s sister and moaned as her warmth surrounded him. Matthew moaned happily, holding his leg up so he could spread himself further and allow his friend deeper into his velvety folds. They both came together. Chris made sure of it.

Sebastian, his mind still stuck in Cindy’s body, has found a huge group of other women who are being unknowingly possessed by incels and forced to do the most depraved things, all while believing everything they do is of their own free will in Suddenly Cindy 2, only available on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.

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