You said you wouldn’t

“You said you wouldn’t cum inside me!” Harrison scowled, crossing his arms beneath his girlfriend’s bouncy breasts.
“Sorry, I got excited,” Kelsey shrugged, a little too nonchalantly in Harrison’s opinion.
“If you got me pregnant and we’re stuck like this I’m going to kill you.”
Harrison and Kelsey had found a magic potion that promised to spice up their love life. The first time they’d used it they had great fun masturbating in each other’s bodies. This second time they went a little further.
Harrison was loving the feeling of his own cock in his girlfriend’s pussy as she thrust deep inside him. He loved the feel of her tits bouncing joyfully on his chest, he loved the moans coming from her lips.
Kelsey loved the sight of her former body, the intense pressure at the base of her cock, the warm wet folds of her former pussy surrounding her new shaft. She enjoyed it a little too much and came, gritting her teeth and groaning as she emptied herself in to Harrison.
“Relax, I’m on birth control,” Kelsey said.
“Eww, gross,” Harrison said as Kelsey pulled out, dribbling down his smooth thigh.
“Now you know how girls feel. It was worth it though, right?”
“Yeah,” Harrison admitted. “It was pretty good. I’m just…I’m not quite done. Do you mind if I…?”
‘Go for it.”
Harrison slid his girlfriend’s fingers into his pussy, stroking the creamy cum around his clit as fire burned within him. he was enjoying an orgasm in no time, body shaking with pleasure as Kelsey watched on jealously.

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