Mandatory fun

Another reason for the teacher shortage – aside from shit pay – was that Swap Class had become mandatory. More and more there were an uneven number of students, which meant one of them had to swap with the teacher.
Zach was one such student who’d been swapped with his teacher. He stood in the bathroom, staring into the mirror as he caressed his teacher’s tits.
“Fuck, you’ve got a nice body Mrs. Kelly,” he said to himself, loving the sound of her voice spilling from his lips.
His hands explored her tits, fingers circling the sensitive nipples, squeezing them until they peaked again to sharp points and that familiar warmth wound its way through him.
He’d been going strong in Mrs. Kelly’s body since he got back to her house after school. The first thing that he discovered was that she was a redhead everywhere. The second thing was the extent of her tattoos, which she usually kept covered up with long sleeves. The third thing he discovered was how wonderful it felt to slide her fingers into her rich, warm cunt and stroke himself.
Zach enjoyed several orgasms in her body, his legs spread wide on the couch, hands wandering across his smooth skin, sinking into his delicate folds as he came again and again. Then he went through her closet, dressing in a variety of outfits and taking pictures of himself in various states of undress. It was completely against the rules but Zach didn’t care. He was having too much fun.
Even now, getting ready for bed in one of Mrs. Kelly’s sexy robes, he still found pleasure in touching his nipples and staring at himself in the mirror..
“Okay,” he sighed, “One more orgasm before bed.”

Sebastian, his mind still stuck in Cindy’s body, has found a huge group of other women who are being unknowingly possessed by incels and forced to do the most depraved things, all while believing everything they do is of their own free will in Suddenly Cindy 2, only available on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.


  1. Mmm would love a second part to.this we’re Mrs Kelly’s husband comes home unexpectedly sees zach who he thinks is his wife dressed sexy bends her over the bathroom sink leaving Zach no choice but pretend to be the real Mrs Kelly get a good fcuking from Mr Kelly’s big cock

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