Payback (Chapter 1)

An arrogant womanizer is magically transformed into a woman and the only way back to his old life is to have sex with 100 men and blow 100 more in one year. Chapter 1 of Payback is available for $1.99 on Body Swap Stories and Smashwords and $2.99 on Amazon (I can’t set it any cheaper without making it an Amazon exclusive).

Peyton is an arrogant womanizer who thinks women exist only for his pleasure, unceremoniously kicking them to the curb when he’s done with them. For revenge, three of his ex-girlfriends cast a spell on him that turns him into the type of blonde bombshell he always chases after, right down to the obsession with clothes and appearance. In order to change back he has to take 200 guys in one year.

Can he overcome his macho posturing and use his new body to break the spell? Or will he be stuck as a woman forever?

This is Chapter 1 of a multi-part serial exploring Peyton’s life as he learns to live like a woman and deal with men who are as arrogant as he was in his quest to regain his manhood.

“What do you think, bro?” Peyton asked, nodding at his date as she made her way to the toilets at the back of the bar. “Is that a hot ass or what?”

“Fuck yeah, bro,” Jake said, ogling her retreating backside as it swayed away. “You hit that yet?”

“I just met her this afternoon,” Peyton said, tossing back his beer and slamming the bottle back on the table.

“I repeat,” Jake grinned. “Did you hit that yet?”

Peyton laughed. “I will. I’m gonna go get another round. You find any tail you like around here?”

“Naw, bro, it’s dry tonight. You got the hottest one here.”

“Fuck yeah I do,” Peyton grinned. “Looks like you got your tips bleached for nothing.”

Peyton did a quick drum roll on the table with his hands and then swaggered to the bar for more drinks. He pushed his way through the crowd, taking the opportunity to squeeze a particularly juicy looking ass as he passed. The woman jumped and turned around but Peyton feigned innocence, pretending not to know anything was amiss as he shuffled past her while she looked around, bewildered and alarmed. It was her fault for wearing such a tight skirt. What did she expect?

Peyton reached the bar and leaned on it, using his broad shoulders to slowly but firmly nudge the other people aside. He ordered some more beers for him and Jake, plus another cocktail for…fuck, what was his date’s name? He’d have to ask Jake to find out for him.

As he waited for the bartender to notice him he checked her out. She had tattoos running up and down one arm and a piercing in her nose. Not really his type but her body was banging in some tight black pants and a tight top that squeezed her—unfortunately small—rack up into modest proportions. Still, if you don’t play you don’t score.

He flirted with her, watching her spin the bottle around her hand as she poured the cocktail.

“You’re pretty fancy with that bottle. You know…for a girl,” he gave his best grin, all white teeth and dimples. Chicks loved it when he negged them.

She shook her head but he saw the hint of a smile on her lips. “I’d like to see you sling drinks for four hours,” she retorted.

“You wouldn’t want me behind the bar. The only drinks I’d be slinging were the ones I’d sling down my throat. Not great for business.”

She chuckled and set the drink on the bar. He handed her his credit card and after she slid it through the reader and returned it he asked, “You got a pen?”

She handed him one. Peyton flipped over coaster and scrawled his number on the back then handed it to her.

“Call me if you need a shitty bartender. Or, you know, you need anything else.”

Peyton winked and collected his drinks without waiting for a reply. His date was back from the toilets and waiting at the table when he returned. She was a hot-as-hell little blonde, perfectly made-up and squeezed into a tight black top and jeans. Peyton slid the drinks onto the table and draped his arm around the blonde’s shoulder, making sure to flex so she could feel his bicep.

“You been hitting on my date, bro?” Peyton laughed at Jake.

He proceeded to talk with Jake and practically ignore his date. She chimed in every so often with some banal comment which Peyton would alternately tease and flatter her about. You had to keep them guessing. She got more talkative the more drinks she got in her but Peyton wasn’t interested in her mouth. Well, he was but not for anything coming out of it.

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