“Good god these things are heavy,” Tom said as he adjusted his huge tits once again.
“Ha. Yeah, tell me about it,” his girlfriend, Kendra, said as they continued to push through the woods to try to find their way back to civilization.
Tom stared down into the beautiful cleavage that used to belong to his girlfriend. Oddly, he still found her tits delightful to look at, and the thought that he could squeeze them at any time wasn’t exactly terrible.
Kendra and Tom had been out hiking when they were abducted by a mad scientist who swapped their bodies as part of an experiment. They were trapped for weeks as he ran experiments on them, testing their reflexes and making sure their minds had adjusted to their new bodies. Tom got turned on just looking at himself, watching his girlfriend’s body move beneath his command, running his fingers along his cute curves. It got even worse when the scientist began pumping experimental pheromones into their cells.
Tom and Kendra had lost all control. Tom wasn’t proud of the way he begged Kendra to fuck him, but he’d been so goddamn horny. His pussy had been sopping wet and the sweet relief of Kendra thrusting his former cock into his wet opening made him cum hard.
They’d managed to escape one morning, and found themselves deep in the woods. The long hike back gave the plenty of time to think. There was no way they would ever be able to swap back. It occurred to Tom that in the six weeks he’d been in Kendra’s body he hadn’t had a period. At some point they would have to discuss his apparent pregnancy. But not yet.

An arrogant womanizer is magically transformed into a woman and the only way back to his old life is to have sex with 100 men and blow 100 more in one year. Chapter 1 of Payback is available for $1.99 on Body Swap Stories and Smashwords and $2.99 on Amazon (I can’t set it any cheaper without making it an Amazon exclusive). Preview here.

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  1. I have been reading your stories for a long time, please make a hot story where the son and mother swap bodies, the mother goes out to enjoy her youth in her son’s body, while the son in his mother’s body is a little uncomfortable in the body her at first, but then he starts to like it and takes off all his clothes and walks around the house naked, his black and muscular stepfather comes home and sees him naked, but doesn’t know he’s his stepson, taking him to bed, having sex and cumming in his borrowed pussy, thus sealing him in his mother’s body forever.

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