Missionary’s position

Request: I would like to request a story of a LDS missionary being body swapped into a young woman! Preferably a redhead.

As an LDS missionary, Ken intended to change people’s lives. The last thing he expected was that his own life would change so radically.
When he knocked on the door of his third house of the day it opened to reveal a breath-taking redhead. She was completely naked and Ken’s eyes went wide.
“Ooh, this should be interesting,” she said when she saw him.
The world flipped and suddenly he was standing in the doorway looking back at himself and his missionary partner. He’d been the victim of a bodyswapper who’d been inside the redhead. As he gaped, astonished at his new body, his former body dragged his partner away from the “seductress”.
Ken let them leave, too astonished by the changes to protest. He couldn’t drag his eyes away from the perky breasts, the slender hourglass figure, and the rich red pussy between his legs. He took this swap as a sign and hurried to the bedroom to enjoy the bounty of his new booty.
Ken thought he’d seen God before, but the first time he truly saw God was when he slid his fingers into his slick new opening and stroked himself to the most incredible orgasm of his life. He twisted and squirmed as pleasure flooded him, throaty moans filling the room as he pleasured his delightful new body.
Ken kept at it until he was exhausted and sweaty, having enjoyed orgasm after orgasm. Only when he was completely sated did he stop to wonder what his new life would be like and if he should try to go back to his old.

An arrogant womanizer is magically transformed into a woman and the only way back to his old life is to have sex with 100 men and blow 100 more in one year. Chapter 1 of Payback is available for $1.99 on Body Swap Stories and Smashwords and $2.99 on Amazon (I can’t set it any cheaper without making it an Amazon exclusive). Preview here.

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