What do you think?

“What do you think?” Diane asked, tugging nervously on her silky new hair as she presented her new body to her boyfriend.
“Holy shit! I love it!” Max said.
Diane had found a magical stone that allowed her to swap body parts. The original owner would have no idea that anything had changed, except that their clothes might not fit.
Diane was insecure about her relationship with her boyfriend. He’d cheated on her before and she was determined to prevent it from happening again.
She’d gone through the city looking for the best parts to take, mixing and matching. She took some breasts from one, some hips from another, the hair from a third. She traded several times, leaving only her face, until she had a body she knew her boyfriend would enjoy: Slightly curvy. A bit of plumpness to grab on to. A nice round ass to slap. A tight young pussy.
Max delighted in her new body and the two had hours of fun. Whenever Max got bored, Diane would go out and hunt for different parts. The one thing she couldn’t change was herself, however, and soon Max got tired of that.
He stole the stone and found another woman who would change herself to please him.
Even though Diane now had the perfect body, she was miserable. No matter where she went, there she was.
It took a lot of therapy but eventually Diane learned to love herself and her body.
She ran into her ex a few months later. there was some awkwardness but they parted amicably. Diane had no idea that her boyfriend had stolen some of her body parts, giving his new girl Diane’s amazing tits and perfect skin.

An arrogant womanizer is magically transformed into a woman and the only way back to his old life is to have sex with 100 men and blow 100 more in one year. Chapter 1 of Payback is available for $1.99 on Body Swap Stories and Smashwords and $2.99 on Amazon (I can’t set it any cheaper without making it an Amazon exclusive). Preview here.


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