Feels incredible

“Oh my God, that feels incredible,” Jack laughed, looking down his younger stepsister’s naked body to his former face.
Layla was lapping at her former pussy with gusto, tongue expertly working Jack’s new folds. He lay back and moaned, legs wiggling as pressure built within him. His hands came up to his tiny chest and he plucked at his nipples, which were already sharpened to spikes. His former tongue was magical inside his new body and he writhed in pleasure as he approached the precipice.
Layla and Jack were step-siblings who’d been affected by the Great Shift. After the initial panic, they soon found that they were attracted to each other. Their narcissism soon led them to exploring their new bodies together. Jack loved the way Layla’s large new hands caressed and fondled his body. He felt so tiny and fragile, which was a wholly unique experience coming from his former brawny body.
Layla was only too eager to please him, and found to her delight that her former pussy tasted amazing through Jack’s tongue. She slid deep into him, tasting his salty essence while his moans grew and he wriggled around her. Jack came hard, crying out in his stepsister’s voice as his body shook with lust. It was a full-body pleasure, bursting through him and leaving him warm and quivering and ready for more.
Layla was happy to oblige, flicking her tongue across his pussy as he came around her face again. And then she unbuckled her belt and dove in to enjoy him in full.

I’ve used my body hopping powers to take over a sexy young field hockey player and have the time of her life, exploring her sensual body both by myself and with some help in Grinding Halt, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


  1. I have been reading your stories for a long time, please make a hot story where the son and mother swap bodies, the mother goes out to enjoy her youth in her son’s body, while the son in his mother’s body is a little uncomfortable in the body her at first, but then he starts to like it and takes off all his clothes and walks around the house naked, his black and muscular stepfather comes home and sees him naked, but doesn’t know he’s his stepson, taking him to bed, having sex and cumming in his borrowed pussy, thus sealing him in his mother’s body forever.

  2. I don’t have any payment methods,I’d love to read the material for free ,if it’s possible,I’d love that.

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