Good girl

Request: Jake was in a world of disbelief when he had walked into his own home finding his bully pounding his older sister who was acting like a dog. What Jake didn’t know was that his bully obtained a talisman that allowed him to swap souls between living creatures where he ended up switching Jake’s sister with a dog.

As Jake came in the front door his black Labrador whimpered and barked oddly, mouth opening as strange strangled sounds came out. Her tail was drooping and she looked distressed
“What’s wrong, girl?” Jake asked, kneeling and stroking his dog’s head.
His dog looked up at him with big sad eyes, as though trying to tell him something. Just then, Jake heard the sound of slapping from the living room. He left his dog and turned the corner only to find the school bully, Aaron, in the room.
Aaron was standing over Jake’s sister, Katie, who was kneeling on the couch. Jake couldn’t believe what he was seeing at first. Jake’s dog’s leash was around Katie’s neck and Aaron was holding it tight. Her little rear was in the air, naked, and Aaron was plunging his cock into her.
Katie made funny little sounds, as if she’d forgotten how to form words, and was gazing back at Aaron with a look of subservience. The sound of Aaron’s groin on Katie’s ass was loud in the room as Jake watched in stunned silence. Aaron groaned and thrust deep into Katie, finishing inside her as she whimpered.
When Aaron pulled out he saw Jake standing there.
“Hey loser,” Aaron laughed, putting his dick away. “I was just fucking your bitch of a sister here.
When Aaron released Katie’s collar she climbed off the couch and hurried over towards Jake on all fours, jumping up and trying to lick him.
“What the hell?” Jake asked, trying to push her away.
“Oh, yeah,” Aaron said. “I found a little talisman that allows me to swap people into different bodies. Maybe if you do what I say I’ll swap your sister back.”

I’ve used my body hopping powers to take over a sexy young field hockey player and have the time of her life, exploring her sensual body both by myself and with some help in Grinding Halt, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


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