Sink in

You realize that all your practice at astral projection has paid off when you find your consciousness rising to the ceiling, leaving your body behind on the bed in peaceful sleep. You swoop through the ceiling and fly through the night sky, tethered to your body only by a slim silver strand. Swooping through your neighbor’s ceiling you come to a sudden halt.
Below you, your twenty-something neighbor is stretched out on the couch naked. She’s fallen asleep watching television. You move closer, aware you shouldn’t be doing this but too tempted to stop. You reach out to touch her with a ghostly hand and feel a sort of suction. In an instant you’re pulled into her body.
You blink yourself awake and find you’re staring at the ceiling. Shifting, you feel a weight on your chest and look down to find your neighbor’s naked body stretched out beneath you. There’s a jolt of excitement as you realize you’re inside her gorgeous body.
You run your hands down your frame, exploring your new skin, grabbing your tits before dipping your fingers down to the soft new absence between your legs. You stroke yourself, following the line of your pussy as you grow wetter. The excitement makes you wriggle. You clutch yourself harder, fingers stroking faster as you grow ever wetter until the first shuddering orgasm overtakes you and you cry out in your neighbor’s light voice “Oh!”
Your neighbor’s astral projection hovers above you, having been shunted out of her body. She’s powerless to stop you from masturbating in her body, but she follows the silver strand back to your body and sinks in.

Peyton starts to come to terms with his transformation into a sexy woman, and has his first encounter with a man in order to try to break his curse in Payback (Chapter 2) available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


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