Payback Chapter 2

Peyton starts to come to terms with his transformation into a sexy woman, and has his first encounter with a man in order to try to break his curse in Payback (Chapter 2) available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon.

Peyton couldn’t go out in the body of a sexy blonde, but he couldn’t not go out in this body or he’d be stuck in it forever. He spent most of the day in denial, pacing back and forth in his condo and leaving Page and Madeline and Leah increasingly unhinged voicemails. He cycled between anger and fear and terror until at last he sank down onto his couch, head in hands, and cried for the first time in his adult life.

God, he even cried like a little bitch, sniffling as tears rolled down his cheeks no matter how often he wiped them away. This flood of emotions was like nothing he’d experienced before. It used to be easy enough to hold himself in check because he could just pretend nothing mattered and it was all a game. But this mattered.

The funny thing was that when he was all cried out he felt, well, not good, exactly. But better. More coherent. He had to take those witch bitches at their word, that if he lived up to their challenge he could change back. But that was the problem, wasn’t it? Peyton didn’t suck anyone’s dick and he certainly didn’t bend over for anyone. He was the one who dominated them, not the other way around.

Except Peyton didn’t feel he could dominate anyone in his diminutive female form. He looked down at himself in disgust tinged with excitement. God, it was confusing seeing such a hot body and being attracted to it but also being inside it.

When his tears were gone and only the sniffles remained, his head felt clear enough to formulate a plan. He couldn’t very well go into work like this. How would that conversation possibly go?

Hi, boss, I’ve turned into a chick, but don’t worry I can still crush.

He wouldn’t even make it into the CEO’s office. On second thought, he might if he was confused with one of the CEO’s call girls. Jesus, the thought of sucking off his cocky asshole of a boss was disgusting.

Peyton put it off by emailing in that he was sick. It was a lousy excuse but he had no other options and it would at least buy him some time until he could figure out something better. Or so he thought. His phone rang almost immediately, the screen lighting up with the name of Peyton’s boss: Gerard Dickinson.

Peyton hesitated, his thumb over the slider to answer it. If he didn’t pick up he’d almost certainly be fired. After a second, he answered.

“Peyton’s phone,” he said, hating his breathy voice.

“Where the hell’s Peyton?” Gerard thundered.

“He’s sick.”

“Let me speak to him.”

“He’s…completely lost his voice. He looks bad. I’m worried about him.”

“Is that right?” Gerard said, softening slightly. “All right. Listen, honey, you tell him I need to see him first thing tomorrow morning. Okay?”


“This is where you say ‘yes, sir’ and hang up.”

Gerard was being such a patronizing asshole. Peyton gripped the phone harder, his heart beating a little faster as he hung on Gerard’s every word. The damn spell was making him love this degrading treatment.

“Yes, sir,” Peyton said softly.

“Good girl.” Gerard hung up.

Fuck, Peyton’s pussy was moist just from that short conversation with his asshole of a boss. He tried to shake it away and concentrate on the problem at hand: he needed clothes.

The witches had changed his physical appearance but nothing else. He still had a closet full of expensive suits and several wardrobes worth of clothes that no longer fit him. If he was going to—yech—catch a man, he needed to dress the part. But before he could even go out to buy new clothes he had to find something to wear here.

The closest fit he found was some of his gym clothes. The grey tee shirt that was usually tight across his massive pecs now hung loose down his slender body and draped over his new rack. He had to yank the tie on his gym shorts tight so it wouldn’t wiggle down his hips. Without panties, if he sat wrong everyone would get a glimpse of his little bush. Too-big flipflops completed the ridiculous outfit.

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