Court orders

“Oh, yeah, check out these titties,” Jed smirked as he yanked down his top and let Melissa’s tits spill into his hands. “Guess being a chick isn’t all bad.”
“Stop that,” Melissa’s brother, Sam, protested, as Jed began feeling himself up.
“Fuck off, man,” Jed replied, his fingers wandering across the wide expanse of breast in his hand. “you’re just jealous ’cause you can’t play with your sister’s tits.”
Melissa had accidentally hit Jed with her car, severely injuring him. Though his brain was alive his body was in bad shape Jed’s family had enough money to convince the judge that Jed should be given Melissa’s body until his own could be repaired. Now Jed was parading around in his new body, happy to show it off to everyone.
“Knock it off or I’ll tell the court what you’ve been doing.”
“Oh yeah?” Jed said, squeezing his tits hard and staring daggers at Sam. “How long do you think it will take the court to spring into action? And then will they even believe you? Before they could do anything to me I’d whore out your sister to the whole town. Make sure everyone got a turn. I’d wreck her body like she wrecked mine.”
Sam sat and stewed while Jed grinned, knowing he’d won.
“Now,” Jed said, “Come over here and feel your sister up.”
“Gross, no!” Sam spluttered.
“You’ll touch your sister’s tits or I’ll turn her into the world’s biggest whore.”
Sam was left with no choice, he dutifully stood up and squeezed Melissa’s chest. Jed laughed, ordering him to do more, pushing his victim right to the edge.

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