Look at your face

Request: During the FOSE, it was an unfortunate time for Darrel to find out that his perverted friend ad found himself in his Darrel’s wife’s body where he now relishes his time and newfound pleasures of being a woman

“Look at your face!” Steven laughed. “You’d think you’d never seen your wife masturbating before.”
For Darrel, it was bad enough knowing that his perverted neighbor had been jacking off to thoughts of Darrel’s wife, Hannah, but the FOSE made it even worse. Darrel’s perverted neighbor was now inside Hannah’s body and was taking full advantage of it. In the three days since the FOSE, Darrel hadn’t seen his wife’s body fully clothed even once. Steven was constantly touching himself, feeling up his tits or fingering his new pussy.
There was nothing Darrel or his wife could do. The pervert had the run of Hannah’s body and they were stuck like this forever.
Darrel loved his wife but was no longer attracted to her in Steven’s body. Steven, meanwhile, was doing everything in his power to entice Darrel with his new body including enjoying frequent – and loud – masturbation sessions, and constantly talking about how horny he was.
“Oh, man,” Steven said, lying back and idly stroking his slick entrance. “One orgasm wasn’t enough. I could really use another.”
“Would you please stop doing gross things with my wife’s body?”
“Look, man, I’m stuck in this body forever so you can either help me enjoy it or I’ll go find someone who will.”
Even as Darrel stood there, Steven slid his finger inside himself again. Despite himself, Darrel was getting turned on by watching his hot wife masturbate and as Steven shook and came again, Darrel felt himself swayed by Steven’s argument.
Steven welcomed his new lover with open arms and they began a long streak of experimentation with Darrel’s wife’s body.

A poorly worded wish sees two college guys switched into their female crushes and having to live their lives in Crush, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


  1. As long as we don’t have family, or friends coming over for a party.If I was married. As long as my wife was away from a window, or hidden from public. Due to the USA Constitution. I don’t mind having a nude wife 24×313 inside 24×161 outside of the house. For we are one.

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