Request: Hey! I adore your captions and thought I’d make a request. I would love a caption where a kinda nerdy college guy wishes he was cooler and more popular and ends up being swapped into his milf neighbour next door who has tattoos and is really cool but the way she is popular is that she is hooking up with every husband on the street regularly and if he could swap during one of these ‘sessions’ would be great too! Could I also suggest Anna Bell Peaks for the caption please? All cool if not. Thank you!

Aiden was a nerdy college guy who never had any luck with women. One night, while home for spring break and playing video games in his room, he looked out the window and saw a shooting star. On a whim, he wished aloud:
“I wish I was more popular,” he sighed. “And more attractive,” he quickly added.
In a blink his room was replaced with a different bedroom and he was on his back. Aiden’s legs were being spread wide by solid hands and above him was the towering form of one of the dads from the neighborhood. The dad was naked and had a determined look on his face as he adjusted his lower half.
Aiden put out his hands to stop the dad from getting any closer and that’s when he noticed the rest of the changes. His nails were long and curved, his hands gently feminine. Tattoos scrolled up and down his arms and across his…tits?! His arms were pushing his round breasts up into enormous mounds. Each nipple was pierced with a metal rod. His entire body felt the wrong shape and there was an aching need within him.
Aiden’s confusion allowed the dad to slip his cock into Aiden’s new entrance and, with a quick thrust, sheath himself to the hilt. A moan escaped Aiden’s lips as the ache inside his body was satisfied by the dad’s hot length. Aiden gasped and writhed as the dad fucked him, pushing his legs up almost to his head as he drove deep into Aiden’s slick new warmth. Aiden came hard, body convulsing around the slick dick inside him.
Aiden had gotten his wish. He’d been swapped into the body of Kelsey, his cool MILF next door neighbor. As he went about in her form for the next several days, he realized a lot of her popularity had to do with how she would fuck all the dads in the neighborhood. Kelsey’s body felt so good getting railed that Aiden kept it up, enjoying his newfound popularity and the exciting sexuality of his new body.

A poorly worded wish sees two college guys switched into their female crushes and having to live their lives in Crush, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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  1. Hey I’m not sure if this caption request got lost or I believe I commented under the wrong thing. But I was wondering if you could do the following story, love your work and think you could really make this one great! You really make the best caps!: Let’s suppose a couple movie into a new neighborhood and the husband makes friends with the other husbands. He discovers they secretly meet every Friday and one of the husbands possesses their wife and strips for the other guys. The new husband who just moved in refuses to do this for them. So they possess his wife and bring her over and make him watch

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