Under the same roof

Brandon and Josh were best friends who accidentally swapped bodies after finding a magic ring. They couldn’t figure out how to swap back and they didn’t want to tell anyone lest they try to take the ring. For the evening, at least, Brandon and Josh agreed to pretend to be each other.
It was really weird for Brandon being in his friend’s body. He was shaped differently and shorter and wider so everything felt a little off balance. Still, it was easy enough pretending to be Josh to his family. Josh’s mom was a good cook, unlike Brandon’s. Brandon and Josh hung out all the time so Brandon easily faked his way through dinner. Plus, Brandon got to check out Josh’s hot sister, Abigail. Brandon knew Josh was at home checking out his Brandon’s sister, Grace, and fair was fair.
It was afterwards that things started to go off the rails.
Brandon was headed to his room when he passed Abigail’s room. The door was cracked open and Brandon glanced inside, then did a double take when he realized what he was seeing: Abigail was getting undressed.
Brandon glanced behind him to make sure no one was there, then crept closer to the cracked door just in time to see Abigail raise her top. She seemed to be eyeing her breasts in the mirror. Brandon couldn’t keep his eyes off them and his cock started to get hard.
Brandon slid a hand down his pants and began stroking his friend’s dick while he watched Abigail fondle herself, bouncing her tits up and down.
The floor creaked beneath Brandon and Abigail jumped around and caught him staring. Brandon froze, mind racing to try to figure out how to react but Abigail surprised him.
Abigail laughed. “I know it’s you, Brandon. It’s me, your sister.”
“Yeah.. Josh showed us the ring and Abigail and I used it to swap bodies. I always thought Josh was a hottie and now we’re under the same roof I thought it was a great opportunity to see it.”
“B-but…we’re brother and sister. In both mind and body.”
“Then you better be quiet so their parents don’t hear us fucking,” Grace said, dragging Brandon into the room and shutting the door behind him.

A poorly worded wish sees two college guys switched into their female crushes and having to live their lives in Crush, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


  1. Love the caps where people have to pass themselves off as a new body, or the ones where someone in their life is swapped. Something about the mystery just makes it better

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