Rob knew he shouldn’t be cramming his mouth with pizza but he loved this client’s tight bod and wanted to keep coming back to it as long as possible.
Rob had been hired by the client to swap bodies and take her body to the gym. he got a lot of clients like this, people who wanted to keep themselves fit but were too lazy to actually do it themselves. Every once and a while he found a client like Melissa, an auburn-haired hottie whose body was a delight. He’d met a guy at the gym and they were hitting it off. Rob wanted to see how far this relationship would go but the only way to do that would be for Melissa to continue hiring him. She was wondering why she wasn’t losing weight and Rob gave her some excuse about metabolism and how it was different for everyone. Then he quizzed her on her diet, gaslighting her into thinking the problem was with her.
Rob ate the pizza quickly and only just enough to sate himself without being stuffed. He’d figured out early on that he could eat half the pizza before the workout and half afterwards without the client noticing. He wiped his chin and threw the pizza box into the communal garbage of Melissa’s apartment.
Rob returned to the apartment and waited for Melissa, but all the while he was thinking about his new gym buddy. He forced himself to stop. It wouldn’t do for Melissa to return to her body and find herself wet and horny. She would definitely ask some questions then.
Still, Rob hoped the next gym session he could workout all of Melissa’s body.

Peyton starts to come to terms with his transformation into a sexy woman, and has his first encounter with a man in order to try to break his curse in Payback (Chapter 2) available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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