Her Best Life (Preview)

A man swaps bodies with his sexy MILF stepdaughter and improves her life while having some sexy fun along the way in Her Best Life, only available on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords.

Mike is jealous of his stepdaughter, Dianne. She’s a busty MILF with wonderful kids and a doting husband. But she seems more interested in her social media presence than anything else. She doesn’t realize how good she has it.

So Mike decides to take it.

When Dianne visits to drop off her kids for the summer, Mike tricks her into swapping bodies and takes her place, flying back to her home to spend the months with her husband.

Her body is nice but could be better, and with a new exercise and diet routine he whips his form into even sexier shape while improving her life and dropping the social media junk . As Mike’s looks improve, Dianne’s husband becomes a lot more attentive. Mike’s having so much fun exploring Dianne’s sexy body on his own. But, perhaps it’s time to enjoy his sensual curves with a partner?

And if that feels nice, well, why not just stay forever?

Mike stood awkwardly in the corner of the kitchen with his plate as his stepdaughter, Dianne, took another carefully curated picture for her social media post.

“Now make a face like you’re unsure about it,” Dianne said, moving around the table but keeping her phone aimed at her thirteen-year-old son, Jaxon, and the carefully plated meal in front of him.

Jaxon, an expert by now, stuck out his tongue and wrinkled his nose. Dianne laughed and her camera clicked. Mike waited patiently for the whole charade to be finished while his food slowly grew cold.

“Now a quick video of you taking a bite and you don’t think you like it at first but then you do,” Dianne said.

Jaxon did as he was told, unbothered by the camera in his face. When Dianne got the shot she wanted she ruffled his hair and flipped through her phone to upload the whole sequence to her social media. Mike knew from following her online that she was likely tagging her pictures with labels like ‘#supermom’ or ‘#pickyeater’ or whatever the current trend was these days.

Dianne was unbothered by the fact that she hadn’t actually made the meal Jaxon was eating. That was all Mike’s doing. But she’d at least asked Mike if she could take credit for it online.

“Seeing as you don’t have a social media presence,” Dianne had added, as if not sharing his whole life to the world was somehow abnormal.

Mike had shrugged it away. Sure, let her take the credit for his meal. It wasn’t the first thing she’d taken credit for in her three days staying with Mike and his wife, Emily. Dianne loved to play the super mom online for her followers but her real life was a different story. It wasn’t that she was a bad mom. She cared about her kids and all. But her nose was glued to her phone most of the time and the majority of the activities were organized around how good her life would look online. She had amassed a couple thousand followers and had every intention of trying to be one of those dreadful influencers.

“Can I use my table now?” Mike asked.

“Huh?” Dianne said, looking up from her phone. “Oh. Yeah. Sure.” She waved to a seat and sat down herself, promptly reabsorbing herself back into her online world.

Mike placed his plate on the table and joined his grandson. Mike liked the kids. Even the seventeen-year-old, Kai, who, along with Emily, had been banished from the kitchen for this shot.

“And Kai and Emily?” Mike asked.

“Huh?” Dianne said, looking up again. “Oh. Right.” She turned and called out to the living room. “You can come back in now.” Then she promptly returned to her phone, occasionally taking a sip of her special tea blend from a trendy pink water bottle.

Kai and Emily rejoined everyone at the brightly lit kitchen table. Emily made a big deal of her grandsons while Mike looked on, throwing in a comment here and there. But mostly his eyes were on Dianne as she scrolled through her phone.

Dianne looked so much like her mom. The same broad face and cute profile. The same smiling eyes. The same curvy figure. Dianne’s dirty-blonde curly hair was pulled back in a ponytail, like Emily’s, but Dianne’s hair wasn’t yet striped grey with age like her mother’s.

Mike had married Emily and joined their family when Dianne was nine. They’d had their differences. Dianne had been a willful child but by the time she became an adult they’d reached a truce. Dianne had moved to New Jersey to start her family but came to visit every so often. Currently, Dianne was on the last morning of a three-day visit to Mike and Emily’s midwestern home. Kai and Jaxon were going to stay with Mike and Emily for the summer, but Dianne didn’t trust them to fly alone. Or maybe she felt guilty. As though a supermom wouldn’t send her kids alone. Whatever the real reason, Dianne had accompanied her kids out for the visit and was due to fly back alone later this afternoon.

Her visit had given Mike plenty of time to observe her and the kids. He had so many ideas on how to improve her life and raise her kids better but he kept his mouth shut. They’d had enough fights about how Dianne should live her life. Still, Mike kept a catalogue of changes in his head. For one, she could get off her damn phone all the time. For two, she could get some exercise. She would occasionally sigh about her weight to her mom but never seemed to take any steps to lose it. If Mike was running Dianne’s life he would do so much better. With his brains in her body he could be a real supermom.

“What’s this thing, Grandpa Mike?” Kai asked, breaking into Mike’s thoughts.

Kai was holding up a small robot attached to two discs.

“That’s R.O.B.,” Mike said. “Stands for Robotic Operating Buddy. It was this old toy robot they said could play video games with you.”

“Did it work?”

“Not really,” Mike said. “Be careful with it.”

“Don’t worry,” Emily assured Mike with a wink to Kai. “I didn’t let him touch the really expensive stuff.”

Mike collected antique mechanical objects. Everything from snake oil ‘mind stimulation’ devices from the thirties when electricity was the miracle cure for everything, to slightly more modern but obscure devices like R.O.B. Mike’s greatest find was something even his wife Emily didn’t know about: the MacGuffin Device.

The MacGuffin Device was a wood and plastic plate about the length of his arm with some switches and dials on it. A wire snaked out from each end, terminating in a rubber suction-cup pad. Part science and part occult device, Mike had found it buried in the back of a thrift store, behind some old stereo equipment. A yellowed instruction booklet accompanied it, the broken-English writing suggesting some foreign origin. It claimed to be able to transfer minds between bodies.

Curious, Mike had purchased the device and brought it home, but some instinct kept him from mentioning it to Emily. He stowed it in the closet, knowing it was hokum but also knowing he needed to try it out just to be sure. The Saturday night after he purchased it he got his chance.

Mike took Emily on a date and they started drinking early. Neither of them drank much anymore so it didn’t take much before they were both happily drunk. When they came home and collapsed onto the bed, Mike told Emily that the MacGuffin device was a hangover cure. She laughed but humored him, sticking one suction-cup pad onto her forehead while he stuck the other onto his.

They both lay in bed and just before Mike drifted off to sleep he flipped the switch. He expected nothing to happen but the ceiling lurched sickeningly two feet to the left. He turned to look at Emily but found only the wrong side of the bed. To his other side lay a man. It took a second through the alcohol-daze for Mike to realize that the man was him.

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