So wet you can hardly stand it

As you run your manicured hand over Marco’s chest, you wonder how you ever found him anything other than utterly attractive. He used to bully you and tease you and threaten you.
You were scared at first, when he threw the powder on you and your body started changing. You shrank in stature, your entire body becoming lighter and more typically feminine. Silky hair cascaded down your shoulders, two plump breasts sprang from your chest. Your ass tightened, hips widening slightly as your waist narrowed until you had a perfect hourglass shape. Your face rearranged itself, features softening, lips becoming plump, skin soft and hairless. Between your legs, everything changed as a new pussy grew which pushed a powerful hunger through you.
You no longer wanted to run from Marco. You wanted him to sweep you into his arms. You pursued him as he laughed, enjoying turning you down as you continued coming on to him. Finally, you corner him in an empty classroom and grip him tight, staring up into his eyes, your mouth opening as you gaze in utter lust at the godlike man before you. He grips your waist and grins in a way that makes you quiver and grow moist.
“Damn, that magic powder turned you into a sexy slut.”
“Only for you, baby,” You reply, feeling his chest, pushing your body against his.
His erection strains against his pants. Strains for you. he raises your top and frees one of your tits. You pull him close, needing his kiss, his caress.
There’s a tiny part of you that realizes who you used to be and what Marco used to do to you. But the bigger part of you is so wet for Marco you can hardly stand it.

A man swaps bodies with his sexy MILF stepdaughter and improves her life while having some sexy fun along the way in Her Best Life, only available on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.

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