Two for one

The Swap Class machine fizzed and spit and suddenly I was looking out at the world through two pairs of eyes. The vertigo was incredible and I didn’t even know who I was at first. I just groaned with both vocal chords and when I finally looked up I was looking across the classroom at myself, both seeing and being seen but neither of my bodies was my original. The machine had split my consciousness into two bodies.
I ended up in two bodies. One was that of my teacher. Mr. Gregory. The other was that of the bustiest student in school, Laura.
For a while I could only move each body in the same way at the same time. The officials didn’t want to try to swap us back until they figured out what went wrong so I was stuck this way. Eventually they sent me home from the hospital.
It took some practice to be able to move each body like two separate appendages, but eventually my twin brain adjusted. It was so strange looking down at Laura’s tits and feeling Mr. Gregory’s dick get hard. But when I combined the two bodies….holy shit, fireworks happened.
The first time I got my bodies together I slid into a warm bath, Laura’s soft body atop Mr. Gregory’s hard one. I grabbed my tits with Mr. Gregory’s hand, feeling my cock grow hard and graze up against my soft butt cheeks. With a little wiggling, my cock slipped between my feminine thighs. I stroked a nipple with Laura’s hand, watching Mr. Gregory’s face as the pleasure was reflected there.
Soon I spread myself and penetrated myself, sliding in surrounded by my wet warm heat as I enjoyed being so full. The twin orgasm was explosive, reverberating from one body to the other as I held myself and rocked, squeezing my fat tits as bright pleasure burst through both my bodies.

A man swaps bodies with his sexy MILF stepdaughter and improves her life while having some sexy fun along the way in Her Best Life, only available on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.


  1. Multibody captions!!! I love that you’re incorporating that feedback you asked for. Thank you so much! I wonder how he would incorporate a third into his play… could one part of his mind swap bodies with someone else? You got me excited.

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