The first time

You hated that the Great Shift swapped you into your mom’s body. Worse than that, your girlfriend swapped with your perverted neighbor.
You didn’t like seeing your mom’s jiggly breasts whenever you looked down, feeling her wiggly hips and ass sway whenever you walked, seeing her face in the mirror, hearing her voice from your lips. There were some things you just didn’t need to see but now, of course, you had access to everything. Maybe it was your mom’s natural sensuality. Maybe it was you just being in a woman’s body but still with your male desires. Whatever it was, your mom’s body was constantly low-level aroused. You definitely didn’t want to think about that.
Your perverted neighbor had other ideas. One night, just as you were falling to sleep, he snuck into your bedroom and snuggled up with you, throwing your girlfriend’s leg over your body and reaching around to stroke one of your plump tits. You should have stopped him there but, dammit, it just felt so damn good. As his hand wandered across your mom’s tits, bright heat flared to life between your thighs. You sighed and wiggled as your girlfriend’s body kissed you on the neck, the cheeks, the lips.
Then your bodies were entwined, your girlfriend’s fingers sliding into your wet pussy, followed moments later by her tongue. As she ate you out, you gazed down past your mom’s body, past the two fat breasts hanging from your chest, to watch your girlfriend’s face. Her eyes were closed in utter delight as she licked your new cunt and sent shockwaves through your body, soon making you cry out as your mom’s orgasm burst through you for the first time.

A man swaps bodies with his sexy MILF stepdaughter and improves her life while having some sexy fun along the way in Her Best Life, only available on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.

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