It’s a living

New anti-discrimination laws passed in the Stranger’s rampage allowed Gareth and Megan to get a job despite their predicament. They had to be kept in the back office and were forbidden from meeting clients, but at least they could make a living.
Megan was stuck upside down and attached to Gareth, forced to blow him and swallow his load whenever he got hard. It was embarrassing when it happened in the middle of a conference call. Megan had to excuse herself, suck Gareth’s cock, and then return to the call. Next to that, hiding her frequent orgasms was easy. She just gripped Gareth’s ass a little tighter and closed her eyes, shivering slightly as pleasure raced through her.
Gareth, meanwhile, had his face perpetually buried in Megan’s pussy. His tongue got quite the workout constantly flicking through her velvety folds. Their bodies were melded, so he technically didn’t even have to hold her up. They were stuck to each other.
Gareth couldn’t join in any meetings. At least, not verbally. He became adept at typing out his conversations while still licking Megan’s pussy.
Now they were on their lunch break, which meant they could eat each other out without worrying about trying to stay calm and collected. Megan worked Gareth;s cock while Gareth devoured her pussy, both of them enjoying several lunchtime orgasms.
Then it was back to the grind, Gareth still working in Megan’s pussy as she got back to work for the both of them, pausing every now and then as bliss filled her from Gareth’s constant attention.
Hell, it was a living.

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