Almost all day

“Don’t spend all day masturbating,” my wife said from within my body. She kissed me on the cheek and walked out to go to my work for the day.
The first thing I did, of course, was to take off all my clothes and run my hands up and down my wife’s body. I squeezed her fantastic tits, shook my chest and watched my breasts bounce, sucked on my nipples until they spiked out into sharp points and the urgency between my legs could be put off no longer.
I slid my wife’s delicate hand down to her pussy, following the line of her shaved slit up and down as I grew ever wetter and my new pussy opened for me. I slid a finger inside myself, following the slick line of my canal up and down. Closing my eyes, I sighed as the wonderful ache filled me, driving me onward. I fingered my wife’s pussy faster until I orgasmed with a magnificent squeal, body tensing and then relaxing as pleasure flooded me.
I stayed naked as I tidied the house, enjoying the sight of my wife’s body swaying beneath me. She stayed at home – or, more accurately, her body did – while I went to work. We’d found a magic ring that let us swap bodies and used it on each other. At first it was every now and then to spice up our love life. But it became more frequent until we were both adept at each other’s lives and we swapped on a daily basis.
After I finished cleaning the house I went to her exercise class and hung out with her/our friends for lunch. I was back home and waiting for my wife to return, naked and ready. I flung myself at her as she came in and she took me in her arms and enjoyed her body for the first time that day. It was my seventh time.

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