Standout (Preview)

In this supersized standalone sequel to Stand-In, Adam brings a friend in on the secret of the bodysuit, and they have some fun as they live the wild lives of the two sexiest women on campus for a semester. Available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon.

Adam has been covering for his friend, Hugo, doing his lectures, grading his papers, wearing himself out all so his colleague can go travel the world. Adam hasn’t even had time to perfect the bodysuit and spend any more time as someone else. But he still thinks about the first time he tried the suit and spent a whole week as his friend’s hot eighteen-year-old daughter. If he could do it over he would go so much wilder.

Then one day the sexiest woman in his lecture starts coming on to Adam, revving him up and seducing him, making him imagine all the mad, passionate things he’d like to do with her. And then she reveals her secret: she is actually Hugo. He’s used Adam’s own bodysuit technology to replace one of his students for the semester.

Hugo convinces Adam to try womanhood again, using two body suits to transform himself and a stunning young student into each other. This time Adam really lets loose, experiencing all the physical pleasures of being a sexy college woman in the prime of her life. In the meantime, the student he’s replaced is stuck in her own bodysuit as an exact duplicate of him. She can only watch from afar as he lives her life and enjoys all the sensual pleasures of his fantastic new body.

Will Adam ever go back to his old life? Or will he figure out a way to stay in his sexy body forever?

This supersized novella is over 27,000 words and features explicit solo and lesbian and hetero scenes.

Two familiar heavy knocks sounded on the door to Adam’s office. Adam quickly minimized the word document containing the log he was working on and sat back in his squeaky desk chair.

“Come in,” he called out.

Hugo pushed open the hallway door and waddled inside, his cane leading the way. He avoided the piles of books spilling from the rickety wooden bookshelf and eased his bulk into the swivel chair opposite Adam’s desk with a heavy groan.

“I’m just about leave and wanted to make sure you had everything,” Hugo boomed in his deep baritone voice.

Hugo was Adam’s colleague and fellow professor at the small midwestern university where Adam held the position of Adjunct Professor. Hugo was a portly man with a bushy grey beard, bald on top and with his remaining hair grown long in the back and tied off in a ponytail. Adam had heard other students refer to him as Comic Book Guy and the description wasn’t far off.

“I think I’m as set as I’ll ever be,” Adam said, nodding to the large pile of research papers Hugo had recently dumped on his desk. Hugo had been preparing to go on his long vacation for a few weeks now and had been gradually dumping more and more work on to Adam.

Hugo let out a laugh that turned into a cough. “You probably don’t need all of those for the background. You know how I am, though. I’m like a research crow, collecting bits of everything here and there in the hopes that some of it will be useful.”

Hugo settled comfortably into the leather-backed chair. He did love a chat, even when he was ostensibly in a hurry.

“Then you won’t mind if I just push it all into the circular file,” Adam grinned, referring to the small waste basket sitting next to his desk.

Hugo shrugged. “I’ll leave it with you. I’m officially on vacation so I don’t have to care about anything right now.”

“When’s your flight leave?”

“Three hours. I’ve got plenty of time.”

Adam doubted whether Hugo had even packed yet. Hugo was an expert in biotechnology and mechanical engineering but rather careless about punctuality. Whenever something piqued his interest he zoomed in on it and forgot about everything else. Currently Hugo’s interest was their shared research project. A project that Adam had recently successfully trialed without Hugo’s knowledge and was the subject of the log Adam had been working on before Hugo came in.

“I expect you’ll come back with ideas for a completely new bodysuit.” Adam grinned and folded his hands in his lap.

“Not out of the realm of possibility. I have been thinking about the regenerative nature of the sealant we’ve been using and there may be a more flexible bonding material—” Hugo’s eyes glazed over as he began expounding on a theory, almost unconsciously shifting his gaze to the door behind Adam that led to the laboratory.

Adam held up his hand to stop him. “Hugo. Vacation.”

“Right. Right.” Hugo smiled. “I’ll make a note to myself.” He paused briefly. “Thank you for taking over the lectures in my absence.”

“Absolutely. Wouldn’t want Gregory to make a mess of them.”

Hugo snorted. “That imbecile. Still can’t believe they gave him tenure.”

Adam had volunteered to take on Hugo’s workload in addition to his own while Hugo was on vacation. It nearly doubled the number of lectures and tutorials but would prevent any of the other professors from digging into their joint research project. Besides, Hugo had done most of the work for the classes already, sending Adam his lecture presentations, finalizing the syllabus, and arranging the tutorials around the grad students’ times. Still, the grading and the office hours and all the other day-to-day administrative nonsense would keep Adam busy. With all that, Adam doubted there would be any room for another trial of the suit.

They talked for a little while longer about Hugo’s plans for visiting Asia. Adam was a little jealous about his friend’s six month trip, even though Adam had recently returned from the best vacation of his life.

Adam had gone to visit an old friend and brought with him the bodysuit that he and Hugo had been working on in hope that an opportunity to use it would present itself. As luck would have it, Adam’s friend had forbidden his high school daughter—a gorgeous young blonde named Vanessa—from going on an overseas trip with her boyfriend. Adam had revealed the bodysuit to her and offered to take her place at home so she could go off with her boyfriend. Adam programmed her into the suit and then zipped himself up in it. The technology had instantly turned him into Vanessa, inside and out. Gone was the forty-seven-year old lanky body with its usual aches and pains. In its place he’d become a spry high school senior. He enjoyed every inch of her slender little body, experienced all her youthful energy and, best of all, could access her memories with just a thought.

That week parading around as Vanessa had been bliss. He’d sunk into her routine and her family life to enjoy a high school experience as the pretty popular cheerleader. It was a far cry from Adam’s own high school days as the lonely nerd. His curiosity about his new body had got the better of him and he’d enjoyed his first female orgasm before turning his affection to one of Vanessa’s friends and fellow cheerleader. Adam hoped their brief fling hadn’t ruined the friendship when the real Vanessa returned but it had been worth it to experience the orgiastic ecstasy.

Hugo and Adam were interrupted by a student who poked her head around the office doorway.

“I thought I heard your voice in here, Professor,” she said, looking at Hugo.

Adam glanced up, eyes locking on her and for a moment his breath seemed to stop. She was easily one of the most beautiful women Adam had ever seen and he had to force himself not to stare. Her face was a work of art with a finely crafted nose and wonderful soft features. Her piercing blue eyes were captivating, almost pinning Adam to his seat. She wore a sleeveless tee shirt in the school colors of white and gold, the university’s logo stretched tight across two magnificent breasts. Stylishly stressed jeans hugged her trim figure, ending at mid-calf and revealing a hint of her golden skin before disappearing into trendy white sneakers. The whole effect was of effortless beauty.

“Ah, there you are,” Hugo said, then turned to Adam. “Adam meet Nicole. Nicole, Adam.”

Nicole flashed a dazzling smile at Adam and gave a small wave. “Hi.”

“I met Nicole here during orientation. She’s a transfer student interested in helping us out in our research.”

“I wasn’t aware we were taking on an assistant,” Adam said. He thought he and Hugo were in agreement that they didn’t want to let anyone else know the extent of their success just yet.

Hugo laughed it off. “You obviously haven’t read my email.” He stood slowly and turned to Nicole. “Let’s go get you set up.”

Adam turned to his computer and opened his mail box. Hugo’s email was the third one down. It read simply: I’m taking on an assistant for us.

“This doesn’t explain—” Adam began, but Hugo was already on his feet and moving towards the door.

“We’ll talk later!” Hugo waved away Adam’s question.

“And don’t you have a plane to catch?”

“It can wait,” Hugo said, leaning his bulk on the door frame. Adam could see Nicole standing out in the hallway. Leave it to Hugo to hire the hottest student he could find. Adam wondered if she’d been the most qualified or if Hugo had just been thinking with something other than his brain. Guess he’d find out soon enough.

“See you in six months,” Adam said.

“Not if I see you first,” Hugo replied with a twinkle in his eyes.

Hugo closed the door behind him and Adam returned his attention to his computer. He opened the log back up and continued on. He was making a record of his experiences as Vanessa in preparation for a larger project on the self. This current record was extensive, running many pages of observations, thoughts and feelings at the time, and reflections on the nature of individuality. It was also, as a first draft, comprehensive, including all the instances of Adam succumbing to the physical temptations of having a new body. Those would be excised later but better to get them down now. Adam took comfort in the fact that it had all been rather chaste. He’d controlled himself well and not gone wild in Vanessa’s body.

Except for that last night with her friend. But still.

Having two sets of memories in his head and being able to dive in and out of her personality at will had given him a unique experience. It was one which he was eager to repeat sometime when his workload wasn’t so massive. Though he did have some improvements in mind it would be near impossible to implement them without Hugo’s brilliance. That meant telling Hugo about his experiment. It also meant waiting until Hugo returned from vacation.

With a sigh Adam bent back to his log.


The first time Adam stood in for Hugo as a lecturer didn’t go well. Not because Adam was disorganized but because Nicole was in the lecture hall. She sat front and center in the 100-seat hall, fixing him with those dazzling blue eyes the entire time. Adam’s eyes were drawn back to her again and again. He spent so much brainpower on making sure he looked around the entire room so as not to come off as an old lech that he frequently lost his place in the slides.

He got through it in the end, though he was sure he hadn’t come across as the most confident lecturer the class had ever had. Adam dismissed class and focused on shutting down all the projector equipment so that he wouldn’t stare at Nicole’s backside as she walked the short flight of stairs up to the exit. So he was surprised when a delightful female voice spoke up.

“Professor Newman?”

Nicole was at his side, clutching her laptop to her impressive chest and fixing him with those mesmerizing eyes. She had such a distinctive and beautiful voice it sent shivers down his spine.

Keep it together, he thought to himself.

“Yes…Nicole was it?” Adam said, pretending he hadn’t been thinking about her the entire class.

“That’s right,” she tucked a lock of hair back behind one delicate ear. “I think there’s a typo in your syllabus.”


She placed her laptop on the lectern and opened it up. She gestured to the screen and Adam bent down beside her, catching a hint of her intoxicating floral scent as he did so.

“You’ve swapped these two readings. In week three you say the exam reading includes the paper on biomechanical behaviors of a bone implant interface, but that’s in week eight. Week three is this one on neural implementation pathways.”

“Ah, right. Hugo did this one. I guess he was eager to be away. Well, you know what that means.”


“It means you’re the only one who ever reads the syllabus.”

She laughed at his lame joke, throwing her head back and flashing her white teeth while exposing her gorgeous neck. Her evident appreciation for him sent a rush of warmth through him.

“I’ll correct it,” Adam said.

“Do I get extra credit for this?”

“Well, uh…”

“I’m kidding,” she laughed, touching his hand lightly. “I’ll leave it with you.”

Nicole flicked her head to toss her silky hair out of her eyes and then folded up her laptop. She headed back up the stairs, her ass swaying in those too-tight jeans. Her movements were graceful and casually sensual and they fed Adam’s imagination.

The next week of lectures was the same. Nicole always sat front and center and Adam soon learned to look away from her. But, god, she made it so hard. She made him so hard and he remained in place behind the lectern to hide it from the other students.

Nicole would fiddle with her pencil, sliding it almost seductively between her ruby red lips. Her outfits got skimpier as well. One day she wore a black skirt that hugged her thighs. She kept her legs clasped together at the beginning of the lesson but by the end was seemingly so absorbed in Adam’s talk that her legs had slowly spread open. Adam stuttered and had to take a breath when he accidentally looked up and discovered her legs were spread wide enough that the dress had crawled up her thighs and he could see a glimpse of her dark bush. Not even any panties on.

After the next class, while the class was filing out the door after the lecture, she came bounding up to the lectern. Her breasts bounced joyously beneath the low-cut tight pink shirt. When she leaned over the desk to show him something on her laptop the neckline was pulled down by gravity, giving Adam a front row seat to her perfect cleavage. She asked a question and Adam wasn’t even aware of how he responded but it seemed to satisfy her. She looked up at him just as he looked away and he hoped she hadn’t caught him staring.

Adam found himself distracted even when she wasn’t around. In his office as he tried to grade papers he kept thinking of Nicole. How she looked. How she moved. How she smelled. He knew it was a dangerous infatuation but he couldn’t help himself. He was just grateful that whatever deal Nicole and Hugo had worked out it didn’t involve her coming down to the lab very often, or at all apparently. If she’d been there Adam might really have been in trouble.

He was jerked out of his reverie by two heavy knocks on the door and for a second he thought Hugo was back but when he called out for his visitor to come in it was Nicole who pushed open the door. It was as if she’d been summoned by Adam’s thoughts. And, God, her outfit today was unbelievable. Tiny jean shorts, stylishly torn and so small that the visible pockets hung down against each outer thigh. A babydoll tee clung lightly to her form and revealed a flash of her trim stomach, the hem suspended beneath her buoyant breasts flicking lazily at each step as she languidly strolled into the office and plopped into the visitor’s chair.

“I wanted to talk to you about Hu-” She stopped herself for a second. “Professor Moretz’s offer to be his assistant.”

“I’m not sure what you and he talked about. He didn’t give me many details.”

She shrugged, such a simple but beautiful gesture. “We talked about starting next semester when he returned but I was hoping to start earlier and he said you could use an assistant.”

“Did he?”

Nicole’s hair was up in a messy bun, one long auburn lock falling down a side of her face which she now twisted nervously around one finger. “Well, knowing Professor Moretz he probably forgot,” she smiled. “But…do you have room for a research assistant? I’m a quick learner and I’m fascinated by your work on biomechanical mental interfaces.”

She leaned forward invitingly.

“Well, uh, I actually haven’t been able to get much research done with all of Hugo’s work—” He’d meant it as an excuse not to take her on, not wishing to have the temptation of her body around him, but her eyes went wide with excitement.

“I can help!” She interrupted. “I’m happy to take on anything you want to do. I can give you some references if you need them. I’ve even made a resume…look.” She leaned forward and rifled through her backpack on the floor, accidentally giving him the glimpse of her perfect cleavage that he both dreaded and hoped for. God, how he wanted to take those perky little mounds into his hands. She straightened up and handed him her resume. “I want to be involved in this. Please.”

It was that simple ‘please’ that got him. So heartfelt and sincere. And those big doe eyes as she blinked slowly at him. Adam gave in and started with assigning her some simple tasks: data entry, leading a tutorial. Things that could be done off-site and keep her out of the lab. She seemed thrilled to help in any way she could and pressed him for something a little more in-depth until he relented. They arranged for her to meet him in the lab tomorrow afternoon where he would walk her through the status of the project to date and have her start working through the current data.

When she left, Adam locked the door behind her and then dropped his pants. His erection strained against the empty air and he masturbated shamefully into a tissue as her intoxicating floral scent still drifted through the air and he imagined bending her over the desk and enjoying the rhythmic thump of his groin on her perfect rear.

The next morning Adam arrived to the classroom early to sit in on her morning lecture. Nicole’s eyes lit up when she saw him and she danced over to him.

“Professor Newman, I didn’t know you’d be here.”

“Just sitting in on this first one in case you need anything.”

“Sure,” she chirped.

Her outfit was much more professional today. Black boot-cut pants and a button-up white blouse with her silky hair combed down and tucked behind each ear. She exuded a tremendous confidence for someone so young, her voice booming authoritatively through the room like she’d been lecturing for twenty years. She set the fifteen or so students a series of discussions and then sauntered around the room, hands clasped behind her back to dip in and out of the discussions at each table, gently nudging them towards the main themes and setting them back on topic when they strayed. Adam was impressed. This whole time he’d thought for sure Hugo had hired her for her looks—maybe she was an average student—but it seemed he’d underestimated her and mentally chastised himself for his lookism.

Nicole was so professorial leading the tutorial that it was some surprise when she showed up to his lab that afternoon wearing what appeared to be just a white nightie. The outline of her black bra gently clasping her breasts was clearly visible beneath the nightie. The sheer fabric cascaded gently down her body, stopping just above her thighs. Adam wondered how she sat down without flashing everybody. He also wondered what it would like to be that bra, clasping those exquisite breasts.

Adam didn’t tell her the exact nature of the experiment or reveal the bodysuit. He wasn’t ready to bring Nicole in on all his secrets just yet. Instead, he set her to work collating the data he and Hugo had collected in the lab, all the results of the lab-cultured synapse responses to electrical impulses. Adam set her up with a laptop on one of the benches and rolled over a stool for her to use.

“It’s all we’ve got in here,” he apologized.

“That’s okay. I think I’ll stand, anyway. I’ve been sitting all day.”

Adam took up a seat on the other side of the lab behind her and pulled up the holographic diagram of the suit. He was able to manipulate it in 3D, pulling here, pinching there, changing the connections in the theoretical environment and quickly testing the results.

Nicole wasn’t paying any attention. She bent over her own laptop, her back arched, one arm supporting her on the desk as her ass wiggled in the air. She seemed so focused on her work that she didn’t even notice that her nightie pulled up to reveal the bottom of her ass cheeks. But Adam did. He couldn’t focus on anything else. He’d meant to be looking into an improved interface for the bodysuit but his gaze kept drifting back to the sweet swell of Nicole’s butt cheek as it revealed itself inch by inch. She had to have known what she was doing to him, yet it didn’t appear deliberate.

But she did find reasons to come over and stand next to him while she asked him questions. She seemed happy with the answers he provided and he managed to never reveal that the holographic suit he was toying with actually did exist. At one point she took his arm and laughingly made him lead her around the lab as he explained the components that were laid out on the benches. She stood so close to him it made him ache with longing. She also corrected him a few times.

“I think you mean reverse cell osmosis,” she said at one point. “At least, according to Professor Moretz’s paper on it.”

“Right. I leave that to him. He’s the biomechanical engineer. I’m the practical physicist.”

“A practical physicist? Most of the physicists I’ve met are wildly impractical,” she teased, bumping him playfully with her shoulder.

She returned to work, interrupting every now and then to look back over her shoulder and quiz Adam on where all this research was heading.

“But, I mean, practically, what applications do you see for this type of adaptive interface?”

“Well…” Adam said slowly. “If you can scale it up it’s conceivable that you could create a cover that would, in effect, turn one thing into another.”

God, his brain was turning to mush with that little rump right in his line of vision. Did she know what she was doing to him?

“Like turn a fish into a bird?” She asked.


“Or a man into a woman?”

“That would be…that is to say, it would require more testing and…who knows what technical problems you could have…” His rambling was interrupted by a man’s voice from the door leading to the hallway.


It was another student. Broad shouldered and boyishly handsome. He shot them both a crooked grin.

“Martin!” Nicole squealed and bounded over to him. She reached up and gave him a quick kiss then wrapped an arm around him and turned to Adam. “This is my boyfriend, Martin. Martin, this is the professor I was telling you about.”

Of course a woman as hot as Nicole would be dating a man as hot as this.

“Nice to meet you.” Martin stuck out his hand and encased Adam’s hand in a solid grip. “So you’re the genius professor Nicole’s working for.”

“Well, genius is maybe going a little too far.”

“Oh, Adam,” Nicole said. “Accept the compliment!”

They said their goodbyes and left, Martin’s arm sliding comfortably down the small of Nicole’s back. Again, Adam locked the door and took himself in hand.

The next several days Nicole came down to help played out in a similar manner. She would dress in a revealing outfit and appear to flirt with him. She would touch his arm, or laugh too loudly at his jokes, or pay him compliments. And she seemed to stretch and bend and flex so casually every now and then without any realization of how much she drove Adam wild.

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  1. Hi there. I really enjoyed your sequel even more than the original and it almost screams a followup story titled “Stand-Off”. POSSIBLE IDEA: Upon returning from a wild Spring Break with Nicole, Eve can’t wait to be reunited with her boyfriend. However, Xander hasn’t been pining away. Apparently, he’s been seeing her all during the break. Confused, Eve heads back to her dorm but is stopped by Nicole who has even more shocking news. There’s another Eve who’s been staying in their dorm all during break and is thrilled that her raucous roommate has finally returned. This girl looks like Eve, talks like Eve, acts like Eve, and seems to know all sorts of things that the “real” Eve would know (except maybe that her roommate is another fake).

    What’s going on? Did the former Eve somehow regain her memories? No, a quick check reveals she’s still living Adam’s life. So who’s the girl living hers?

    When the the two Eves finally clandestinely meet, the other delivers one more bombshell. She not only admits being an imposter, she knows the “real” Eve is one too. What’s more she’s been telling Campus Security all about a deranged slut who might be trying to impersonate her (providing them with videos of Eve’s frat sexcapades). Attempt to regain her life — and even prove to the police who’s who — and the imposter will release evidence that Eve is really Adam.

    Will Eve be forced to walk away (or even become just Adam again)? Or will she figure out how to remove the fake Eve while still retaining her secrets. Her one glimmer of hope: The imposter knows Hugo was once Nicole but doesn’t seem to know he’s STILL her.

    (As to the imposter’s identity, I think Gregory would be a good suspect. Perhaps he isn’t the imbecile that Hugo thought. Maybe he hacked part of Hugo’s system and discovered the pair’s impostures but before Hugo decided to become permanently switch with Nicole. Thinking Adam had the right idea to become Eve, Gregory decides to try her out on spring break as well and quickly — like Adam — decides her life is alluring enough to take over permanently.)

    If you want to use this premise, feel free. No credit required. The idea of TWO beautiful TG imposters vying for a real person’s identity is very erotic and I think you could really do the idea justice. Or maybe this will inspire a completely different but equally entertaining. After all, with “Stand-in” and “Stand-Out” another chapter called “Stand-Off” just seems a natural.

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