Who else?

Jaxon turned his head from side to side, checking out his aunt’s body. As he did so, her long silky hair tickled his shoulders, bringing with it a waft of her vanilla-scented shampoo. His eyes kept returning to his aunt’s tits, hanging heavily from his chest. He was attracted to them but, at the same time, hesitant to touch them. Like, they weren’t really his to touch were they? On the other hand, his aunt had swapped bodies with him to go have all sorts of fun with his friends, why shouldn’t Jaxon get to have fun alone?
Jaxon stared at his nightie-clad reflection in the mirror for a good twenty minutes after his aunt left. She didn’t seem to have any problems with it and Jaxon suspected it wasn’t the first time she’d used her witchy powers to swap bodies.
He wondered who else had been inside her? What kind of fun had they had?
Jaxon’s parents had sent him to his aunt’s for the night so they could have a date night. With his aunt gone, Jaxon had her whole place – and her whole body – to himself.
Slowly, his hands crept up his body, feeling his aunt’s soft curves, until they reached his new chest. His breasts were jiggly and bouncy. Fun to squeeze. Soon he was digging his fingers into his soft flesh as heat roiled his insides. Jaxon’s male desires played out in his aunt’s body and he enjoyed watching himself squeeze his new tits from his new perspective as he did actually feeling them beneath his fingers.
When he was nice and warm he slipped the nightie off over his head and tossed the blonde hair out of his eyes. He gazed down at his aunt’s beautiful naked body. Then the real fun began.

In this supersized standalone sequel to Stand-In, Adam brings a friend in on the secret of the bodysuit, and they have some fun as they live the wild lives of the two sexiest women on campus for a semester. Available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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  1. Just as Jaxon starts to get familiar with his Aunts body , the bedroom door opens as his Aunts Boyfriend has cum home early from a business trip to surprise her but it he who gets the surprise seeing who he thinks is Jason’s Ain’t layed naked on the bed n4 Jaxon has time to say anything his Aunts Boyfriend is stripped naked Jason’s thighs are spread wide as his Aunts Boyfriend slips his hard cock between his Aunts pussy lips making Jason’s eyes open wide with the sensation of been shown what its like to be a woman

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