Messed me up

The trait swapper had really messed me up. I had my sister’s face and most of her body. I say ‘most’ because where she’d been flat chested I now had our mom’s boobs. They were heavy, unwieldy things that bounced all the time and made my back ache. They were, however, great fun to play with because I still had my attraction to women. I tried to pretend that being able to touch tits whenever I wanted somehow made up for the loss of everything else.
I still wasn’t sure who’d owned my pussy. The dark red hair didn’t match anyone in my family. Maybe I got their sex drive, too, because goddamn I was insatiable. Fortunately, I didn’t have a job and was left home a lot, so whenever the urge struck me I could just thrust my hand down into my panties and finger myself.
Today I got the urge just as I was walking through the living room. I sank to my knees and slid my fingers into my rich, wet cunt. My other hand came up to stroke the soft features I possessed before wandering down to my glorious tits.
The sudden orgasm made me shudder and cry out in a fluttery voice. When I finished my panties were soaked and I adjusted my dress down around my legs. The damp panties reminded me of how much I’d needed that touch and I’d barely made it to the stairs before the urge struck me again.
Of course, when my family came home I had to pretend like I hated what had happened, but I think the orgasmic cries from my bedroom might have given me away.

Peyton starts to come to terms with his transformation into a sexy woman, and has his first encounter with a man in order to try to break his curse in Payback (Chapter 2) available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


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