Stepford Tea

Emma took another sip of Stepford Tea as she gazed at her husband. He made a witty remark and she laughed from behind her mug, her big brown eyes seeing only him. As he gazed back at her, his eyes roamed up and down her body and she grew warm beneath his attention.
She shifted but remained in place for him to gaze at. That was her role. Her purpose. To be his fantasy wife and obey him. To cook and clean and serve him. To get horny and wet whenever he wanted her.
Emma hadn’t always been this way. Up until a few weeks ago she’d been a short, slightly overweight librarian with a keen interest in social science. That was all in the past now. As Emma took another sip of tea she cleared her head of those thoughts. Clearing her head was easy to do. Especially with her husband there looking so tasty. Emma didn’t even realize that the tea was still changing her, tightening her abs with each sip, growing her bust, rounding out her face and clearing her mind of all thoughts except to please her husband.
Emma’s husband, Tom, was enjoying the changes. The old Emma was barely interested in sex and could never quite find the time to keep herself fit or take care of the house. The new Emma was a sexpot with an incredible body who grew horny whenever he did. The first time she begged him to take her over the dining room table he’d almost lost it right there.
Emma set the mug down and Tom frowned.
“Have some more tea, honey,” he suggested.
She smiled pleasantly and picked up the mug again. She gazed adoringly at him as she sipped and the changes played out across her body.
Tom wondered how much more perfect his life could get, how much hotter Emma could get. The Stepford Tea was a wonderful discovery he would be sure to share with all his friends. But first…
“Bend over,” Tom commanded, rising and removing his belt.
Emma moaned, wiggling her butt, already wet at the thought of him entering her. She bent over the counter and presented her beautiful ass to him, begging hi to take her right there, right now. Just as Tom wished.

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