Little voice

You know that little voice you have in your head? The one that tells you not to do something? I have that, too, only in this case that little voice belongs to my teacher. She's the former owner of the body I'd used magic to possess. While I controlled her she could experience everything I was making her do and she didn't like it.
She hated that I brought her body over to my friend's house and enjoyed a soapy bath with him. She hated that I let him plunge his face in between her massive tits and suck on her ripe pink nipples. She hated that she felt so good when he slid his hand between her legs and stroked her pussy, which was now wetter than water.
The pleasure drowned out some of her begging, as she was forced to join me in orgasming. My friend was surprisingly good with his fingers and his tongue. And his cock. I loved my tits as much as he did, and I jiggled and squeezed and bounced them in my hands as he bent me over on the soapy floor and pounded me from behind.
My teacher hated it even more when, still horny, I rinsed myself off and left to visit my other friends. Her body got a good workout as I made her ride nearly all the guys in her first period class. 
I had to take full advantage because this magic was a one time use and would end at dawn. So I stayed up all night. After I ran out of guys in my class I trawled the bars, fucking in empty cars and back alleys, horny as hell and made even hornier by the sight of my teacher's jiggling tits, by my own reflection as I watched myself in her body get taken over the hood of some stranger's car.

A young man ends up in the body of a sexy MILF after a mysterious phenomenon causes most of the people in the world to swap bodies with someone else in Day of the Switch, available on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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