The life he ruined

Request: Hi! Great captions. I would love one where a brunette co-worker I don’t get along with (Alyssa – a news anchor) is getting married and an errant wish accidentally switches our bodies. Quirk – – she is getting married that weekend and is a virgin who is saving herself for marriage (!)

	Justin didn't know why anyone would ever marry his co-worker, Alyssa. She was a two-faced bitch. She acted nice to Justin, but he heard she went behind his back spreading rumors and lies about him, trying to get him fired. And yet somehow she was an up and coming anchorwoman with her whole career ahead of her and getting married to some rich prick.
	But on the weekend of her wedding an errant wish swapped their bodies. Suddenly, Justin found himself in a hotel room in front of a mirror, wearing a wedding dress and staring at the reflection of the person he hated most in the world. And now he wore her body.
	He had no time to think before one of Alyssa's bridesmaids knocked on the door to tell him it was time. He was flustered as he walked down the aisle, pretending to be Alyssa because he didn't know what else to do. He even had to kiss her new husband and then go through the whirlwind of pictures and speeches. It did give him time to adjust, and by midway through the reception he'd adjusted enough to walking about in Alyssa's body that he began plotting his revenge.
	Alyssa had made a big deal about saving herself for marriage, as if that made her holier than anyone else. And one of Alyssa's exes was at the reception. Justin had a feeling they were just friends, but the way he looked at Alyssa Justin could tell there was still an attraction there.
	It was easy to pull the ex into an empty reception room and "confess" his feelings. In no time the ex had dropped his pants, yanked up Justin's wedding dress and began fucking him from behind. The cock felt so good inside Alyssa's tight pussy, and her tits bounced with each slap of Alyssa's ex's groin on her taut ass. But even better for Jordan was knowing how much he was ruining Alyssa's life as her virgin pussy was filled with hot cum and he cried out like a whore.
	Then it was on to anyone else who would have him: several of the waiters, Alyssa's creepy uncle, even Alyssa's new brother-in-law. Everyone who wanted to have him got a turn inside him, until he was aching and full.
	It didn't occur to him that the swap may be permanent, and the life he was ruining was his own.

A young man ends up in the body of a sexy MILF after a mysterious phenomenon causes most of the people in the world to swap bodies with someone else in Day of the Switch, available on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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