Day of the Switch (Body Swap Erotica)

A young man ends up in the body of a sexy MILF after a mysterious phenomenon causes most of the people in the world to swap bodies with someone else in Day of the Switch, available on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold.

We chatted as we strolled across the school parking lot. It was so cute seeing her enthusiasm for the decorations as she told me all about the work she’d done to get the school ready for the pep rally. I nodded along, just happy to be in her company. I unlocked the door to my car and apologized for the mess as I collected the trash that was strewn over the passenger seat and dumped it into an empty fast-food bag. I babbled as I did so, my cheeks blushing, avoiding her eyes. I mean, obviously if I’d have known I’d be giving my crush a ride home I would have cleaned my car.

She got another text as I started the car and her shoulders slumped. “Oh. I’m really sorry to ask but, can we pick up my sister? She’s at a friend’s house.”

“No problem. Just give me directions.”

She set them on her phone. It turned out her sister’s friend lived a few streets from me so I’d have to backtrack to bring them both home. I didn’t tell Makayla that, though. I was just happy to be able to spend more time with her.

She was unusually fidgety and she kept up a steady stream of nervous talk throughout the ride. We both did, really. I wondered why she was so nervous. I mean, I knew why I was so nervous. The girl I had a huge crush on was in my car! But why was she so nervous around me?

The phone directed us in a winding route through a subdivision full of houses that all looked roughly the same. I stopped outside of one and Makayla ran in to grab her sister. When she did I flipped down the visor and slid back the mirror to make sure I didn’t have anything on my face. A little bit of acne that was starting to flare up but hopefully the hint of beard could distract from that. I combed back my short blonde hair with my fingers and made sure there wasn’t any dirt on the front of my shirt.

Makayla’s sister slid into the back, knocking aside another fast-food bag full of trash. She looked like a younger version of Makayla, except with glasses and her hair pulled into a long ponytail.

“Savannah this is Zack. Zack, Savannah,” Makayla said before sliding back into the passenger seat.

“Howdy,” I replied.

“Howdy? What are you, a cowboy? Giddyup!”

“Don’t mind her,” Makayla patted my arm, “She’s going through a sarcastic phase.”

I pulled back out into the street and began the drive to Makayla’s house. Now I was really starting to sweat trying to keep up a conversation with Makayla and her sister, who was all too eager to try to make me look like an idiot.

The houses we passed grew closer together as the area became more commercial. We were on a street between a house and a retirement home and I’d just opened my mouth to say something that was probably super witty and would have made Makayla fall instantly in love with me when the world shifted.

Suddenly I was on my knees straddling someone, my hands on their warm chest. My lips were open wide and there was something warm and hard-soft thrust into my mouth, nearly choking me, accompanied by a slight musky scent. My eyes were inches from someone’s groin, their blonde tuft of pubic hair all I could see. Hands gripped my hair, preventing me from pulling away, and something heavy jiggled from my chest. More hands gripped my waist and my butt, and I felt…constricted and weirdly full, as if something was inside of me.

Two somethings in fact. My ass was tight, something thick and meaty filling it, almost uncomfortable if I started to tense up but also strangely pleasant. There also seemed to be something filling me from the front of my groin somehow, like it was slid into me where my dick should have been. All this came to me in an instant, accompanied by the rawest, purest pleasure I’d ever felt. It was like my whole body was a penis and I shook in ecstasy, even as my brain scrambled to figure out what the hell was going on. All of the people surrounding me appeared to have paused.

“What-?” A voice from in front and above me began. Whatever he was going to say was stopped by his groan, and the hands gripping my hair tightened.

The warm thing between my lips throbbed, spurting hot liquid into my mouth as it thrust in a little deeper. The liquid was slightly salty and viscous, hitting the back of my throat and causing me to swallow involuntarily. I coughed and spluttered, pushing my head back up, planting my hands on the man’s groin and trying to push away to get the thing out of my mouth. The hands in my hair released me and I pulled away, only to find my nose inches from a saliva-slick cockhead that was still erupting. The last few spurts hit my nose and my chin even as I jerked away. They slid down my face, leaving a warm trail.

My whole body wobbled strangely and, looking, down I found I was now the owner of two huge, dangling tits. White splatters slid off my chin and landed on them as I stared down in shock. There was also a man lying beneath me, his hands gripping each of my breasts, squeezing them hard and—oh shit—I just realized that the feeling of fullness from the front of me was the man’s dick in my…my pussy.

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