Obviously a dream

Request: Hey, I love your captions and was wondering if you could do a FOSE one where I’m going through my day when I suddenly find myself in my blonde little sister’s body while she’s having sex with her football player boyfriend, I decided to roll with it cause of the pleasure, then I later find out that the swap is permanent, but I don’t mind.

CJ laughed, eyes rolling back in his head in delight as his little sister's football player boyfriend fucked him over the teacher's desk. The cock felt so good in his tight little pussy and he spread his legs, listening to the wet sounds of himself as his sister's boyfriend slid in and out of him, grunting softly. The way he stared down at CJ's body, as if mesmerized by his beauty, was intoxicating, and it made CJ even hornier.
CJ had been shocked at first, finding himself in an empty classroom and in his sister's body. But it was so obviously a dream and the pleasure coursing through him was so delightful he lay back and took it, opening his legs wide and staring down at his glorious new pussy as it parted for the meaty cock.
All the awkwardness would come later, when it was discovered that he had, indeed, swapped bodies with his younger sister as a result of the FOSE. CJ understood only then that his sister had been thinking about him while her boyfriend was deep inside her. As a result, he had enjoyed the rest of her pleasure. 
And the rest of her life.
The FOSE was irreversible, and once CJ faced up to that fact he decided to enjoy it. The next time he fucked his sister's boyfriend was also in the empty classroom after school. But it was on his terms. He convinced her boyfriend that it didn't matter who was in her body, only that he could do what he wanted with it. It didn't really take much convincing before he was once again writhing in pleasure, the thick cock sliding in and out of his wet warmth heralding another intense orgasm.

A young man ends up in the body of a sexy MILF after a mysterious phenomenon causes most of the people in the world to swap bodies with someone else in Day of the Switch, available on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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  1. Wish I would be surprised in such a lovely way by the FOSE, being stuck as such a lovely gorgeous woman myself forever. I would sincerely love that and genuinely enjoy my (new) life as a real woman for the rest of my life …. . – Tom –

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