Key party

Request: A key party(a large group of husbands and wives get together and leave their keys in a bowl and at the end of the night you pull out a random set of keys and go to the owner’s house and bang their wife) but instead of banging the wife the guys swap bodies with the wives

Martina reached into the bowl and drew out Bob's keys. There was a rush of disappointment from the other guys around Bob, but then they turned to him.
"Congrats, man, I'm sure you'll enjoy her."
Bob couldn't believe his luck. Of all the wives in the neighborhood Martina was definitely the hottest. He couldn't wait to get hold of her huge tits and slide into her tight little pussy. It turned out, though, that this was a different kind of key party than Bob had expected.
"Come on up here, Bob," the host called out.
Martina was already standing there, a smile on her face.
"Hello, Bob," she smiled. She had a soft Ukrainian accent, and Bob hoped to hear it crying out his name soon.
Instead of giving them the keys and sending them on their way, the host placed his hand on each of their foreheads. The world flipped, and then suddenly Bob was looking across at a man who looked exactly like himself. It took a few blinks for him to realize it was himself. He looked down and was greeted with the sight of Martina's massive breasts.
"Oh my," he whispered, with her accent.
Martina was evidently delighted with her body as well, and the two hurried back to Bob's house. As soon as they got inside Bob yanked his clothes off and grabbed Martina's massive bouncing breasts. He fondled and kissed them, growing warm and wet as he feasted on his beautiful new body.
Martina grew hard watching him, and soon Bob was happily bouncing on his own dick, feeling it glide through his velvety warmth as he stroked his new tits and moaned out his own name in his delightful accent. He shuddered in pleasure, enjoying every inch of Martina's body.

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