What boyfriend?

"Mr. Radford, you have to fix that machine tonight," Lacey begged her teacher. "I can't stay in your body another day."
Bill pursed his lips and thought. The swap had been an accident, but he was having so much fun in his student's body. On the one hand, giving back her body was the right thing to do. On the other hand, it was a whole new experience going through high school being a pretty blonde instead of an ugly nerd. Plus, Lacey's orgasms were incredible.
"I'll try," he said. "But I've got student council tonight and then Dylan's coming over to study. I mean, I have to keep pretending to be you, right? Maybe I'll have some time this weekend."
"I can't wait until-" Lacey began.
"Oh!" Bill cut her off, remembering his busy social schedule. "Samantha, Kelly and I are going out Saturday night so I have to get ready. Haircut. Nails. That whole thing." He paused and then added, unconvincingly: "Ugh, what a pain."
"You can't just take my life. It's not fair!" Lacey whined. But they both knew she was powerless to do anything. She had no idea how the machine worked and, even if she did, she would never figure out how to fix it after Bill had sabotaged it so elegantly.
"I'm not taking your life," Bill lied. "I'm just keeping it warm for you until I can switch us back. Love to talk more but I gotta go. My boyfriend's waiting."
Bill skipped out of class, pigtails bouncing on his neck.
"What boyfriend?" Lacey called after him. But he was already gone.

A jealous young man uses a magic spell to swap bodies with his stepsister and tries to be a better version of her in Imposter Syndrome, available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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