Imposter Syndrome (MtF Body Theft)

A jealous young man uses a magic spell to swap bodies with his stepsister and tries to be a better version of her in Imposter Syndrome, available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold.

During lunch, Gabe ditches the other cheerleaders—there’s only so much vapid talk he can take—and drives Maddy’s car out to a fast food place. Her stomach is much smaller than his and he can’t even finish his burger. It’s nice to be somewhere where no one knows him for a little while, though it’s gross the way the middle-aged guy behind the register leers at him.

On the way back to school Gabe passes a nearby strip mall and pulls in on the spur of the moment when a sign catches his eye. His body has been humming ever since he spoke with Connor and there’s a sex shop here. The woman inside is very helpful and sex-positive, not passing any judgement on Gabe’s questions or his final choice: a bright pink vibrator, roughly the size of his hand and in the shape of the letter ‘C’. One end is slightly more bulbous than the other, so that it fits across his clit and tucks inside to reach his G-spot. The vibrator also connects to an app on his phone so he can control it remotely.

Gabe takes his purchase out to the car and gets inside. He removes the vibrator from the box and sets it on the passenger seat before downloading the app and connecting it. Then he flips up his skirt and shimmies his panties down. His stepsister’s glorious pussy is there beneath him, the little lips tucked together, visible beneath the light dusting of pubic hair. He’ll need to be a little loose and wet to slide the dildo in. But he has no problem getting there.

He strokes himself, running some fingers lightly up and down his entrance. Her pussy is breathtaking and he could look at it for hours, enjoying that fact that it’s on him. The thought of being able to do anything he wants with this body is so arousing, and watching Maddy’s slender fingers stroking herself even more so. He grows wet, the delicate lips just beginning to grow loose. He continues stroking, dragging his fingers up onto his clit in tight circles.

He slides his other hand beneath his shirt, pushing aside the bra to wrap his fingers around his sensitive tits. His body is wonderful. Soft and firm in all the right places. Still squeezing his tit, he leans his back against the seat and sighs. His fingers continue to work his clit and now he dips down into his moisture. He shivers as he lands on his wetness, dragging it back up and down his folds until he’s slick. His legs quiver with desire.

He picks up the vibrator and gently eases it into himself. His pussy spreads apart for it, the soft rubber filling him, stretching apart the walls of his canal. He guides it in deeper, until it fills him, one end curling around deep within his slick canal to just tickle his G-spot, the other end resting firmly on his clit. Pulling his panties up and nestling the vibrator in place, he opens the app and tries it out, setting it on low.

There’s no sound but suddenly there’s a comfortable buzzing between his legs. Oh, that’s nice. He wiggles his ass, feels the dildo move inside him, hitting different parts of him. With both hands free he slips off his top and bra. His breasts dangle from his chest. He’s sitting topless in a car in broad daylight but he doesn’t care. He feels so damn good.

He takes his tits in each hand and sucks on them, pausing only to bump the vibration up a notch. The pulsing fills him. His entire body hums along with the vibrations. He feasts on his tits, squeezing and suckling and jiggling and hefting, enjoying the lightness of his body. The sight of his feminine hands playing with his own tits is incredibly hot. The vibrations build within him and soon his panties are soaking with desire.

A jealous young man uses a magic spell to swap bodies with his stepsister and tries to be a better version of her in Imposter Syndrome, available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold.

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