Naked for a week

"See you two in a week."
"Bye," Eric replied.
He stood by his mom, Giselle, both of them waving until his dad shut the door. Giselle turned to him.
"You picked out my favorite dress."
"It looks good on you," Eric said, doing a little twirl and showing off his mom's body. "You're sexy as hell, which is why I love being in your body. And having you inside me."
His mom grabbed his plump ass and pulled him in for a kiss, which made Eric tingle all over. He was already wet just from owning her luscious curves.
The two had found a body swap gun and had accidentally discovered that they liked being in each other's bodies. The first time Giselle caught her son feeling up his new tits Eric thought she would be furious. Instead, she happily joined in, showing him exactly how to touch himself to bring about the most intense orgasms. From then on the two swapped bodies whenever they had free time. And now that Eric's dad was gone for a week they had plenty of time to enjoy each other.
"I've been having naughty thoughts," Eric said, "And I need to be punished."
	Giselle happily squeezed her former tits as her new dick shot to attention. Her son was so young and energetic and she loved having his cock, loved stroking it, loved the intensity of the feeling as she plunged into her former body.
	She tore off Eric's dress and threw him onto the bed. He wiggled onto his knees, his plump ass in the air, his mom's luscious tits resting on the bed beneath him. He spread his legs and begged his mom to fuck him. She slid her fingers into him, feeling his wetness as he moaned and wriggled his deliciously fat ass. It was only when she was her son did she see how attractive she really was.
	Giselle slid her young cock into Eric's wet folds, shivering and nearly coming as her young cock slid through her former canal. Eric gripped the bed as his mom fucked him with his own dick, enjoying the rhythmic slap of Giselle's groin on his fat ass. He howled out in his mom's voice, his body quivering around his own dick inside him as Giselle erupted, filling him with hot cum.
	It was so quick. Good thing Eric's body was young and ready to go again so quickly. In the meantime, Eric rolled over and fingered himself to another orgasm. They spent the week naked in the house, fucking each other to exhaustion.

A young man clones his mind into the bodies of four women at an anime convention and uses them for his own ends in Cosplayed, available on Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.


  1. Would just love to have this gun too. I would swap with some young stud, maybe with my daughters boyfriend 🫒 he is very handsome. Than I can see live from the other side and he could try out being a 41 year old mother πŸ˜ƒ for sure I wouldn’t say that I have caused it to happen

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