Drug rep

Request: Two pharmacy workers decide to try a new drug that the drug rep dropped off. The pharmacist threw the new “miracle pill’ away not believing its claims, Kaitlyn and Alex didn’t read the side effects warning either and ended up swapping bodies and becoming extremely turned out by each other

Alex never expected to be inside his coworker's body, one leg raised on the restroom sink as his former self fucked him from behind, welcoming his own cock into his slick opening and causing an untold amount of pleasure to ripple through him.
Kaitlyn never expected to be in her coworker's body, gripping her former hips and sliding her new cock into her former pussy, an intense desire driving her to thrust deep and hard.
The two worked at a pharmacy, and had been intrigued by some new pills offered by the drug rep. Usually the rep was enthusiastic about all the drugs, just trying to sell an order. But these pills he thought were snake oil and refused to sell. He dumped them in the trash and Kaitlyn fished them out after he'd left. She snapped the pill in two and each took a half, as instructed by the package.
In no time they'd swapped bodies, their initial fear overcome by an abnormal horniness. They couldn't keep their hands off each other. 
Alex was so wet his panties were dripping, which only made him wetter.
Kaitlyn was so hard she could barely walk, which only made her harder.
It was all they could do to dash into the toilets so Kaitlyn could fuck Alex's brains out. She drove her cock to the hilt in to her former body, gasping as she sank into her own pussy, hardly believing the intensity of the feelings. They came together in a gasping, moaning orgasm. Alex wanted to go again right away. Kaitlyn was horny, too, and helped him out with her new fingers and tongue, enjoying the taste of her own pussy as Alex wriggled around her head, cumming loudly and repeatedly.

A jealous young man uses a magic spell to swap bodies with his stepsister and tries to be a better version of her in Imposter Syndrome, available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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