No way in hell

For Margaret, the hardest part about being young and rich wasn't the guilt from stealing the body she was currently in. It was remembering to respond to the right name. She'd been Margaret for 73 years, and poor for just as long.
Now she was Hannah, a 22 year old blonde bombshell with a rich daddy. She'd left her old broken down body outside the club where she'd stolen this new model. Her new bodyguards had handled poor Hannah, who had understandably gone a little crazy when she found herself in the body of an old, stinking homeless woman.
As Margaret crested the stairs she saw her handsome new boyfriend. What was his name? Donny something or other? She would really have to get better with names.
"Hey," Donny or Danny said, "Have you seen that old homeless woman that's camped out near the south gate? She's giving me the creeps."
"Maybe I can take your mind off that for a little while," Margaret said, sliding the straps of her dress off each shoulder. She let the pink dress fall to the floor and they both gazed down in wonder at her exquisite body. Hannah's tits must have cost a fortune.
Dennis or Daren eagerly approached her, and before long they were both naked, Margaret welcoming him into her new body, sighing as he filled her and she enjoyed her stolen pleasure for the first time. There was no way in hell she was giving this body back.

A jealous young man uses a magic spell to swap bodies with his stepsister and tries to be a better version of her in Imposter Syndrome, available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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