What are friends for?

Request: Hey! Long time visitor here. Could you do one where a guy possesses me and hits on my friends and ends up having lesbian sex

Christina had never been sexually attracted to women before, but that all changed instantly one day. Along with the way she walked and the way she talked. She had no idea she was being possessed by one of the guys from her work, and she thought all the choices were her own.
So she didn't think it was strange at all when she began hitting on her best friend, Lindsey. She came around to Lindsey's house wearing a cute red top and circled the conversation around to relationships. Christina found herself confessing she'd always wondered what it would be like to sleep with a woman. Strange, she'd never actually had that thought until just now.
But soon Christina was kissing her best friend, their fingers intertwined, legs pressed together. Christina's body grew pleasantly warm and the timid kiss soon became a passionate makeout session.
Christina's former hesitance about touching her friend evaporated, and she was excited to plunge her face between Lindsey's legs and slowly taste her. Lindsey smelled divine and tasted even better as Christina's tongue flicked in between her silken folds. Christina had a small orgasm just licking her friend's entrance. It felt so good sucking on Lindsey's delicious pussy that Christina wondered why she'd never tried this before.
Afterwards, when the guy from work hopped out of her, the pleasure of the moment remained with her and she found herself more and more attracted to women.

A young man ends up in the body of a sexy MILF after a mysterious phenomenon causes most of the people in the world to swap bodies with someone else in Day of the Switch, available on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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